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New Essays in Women's History

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New Essays in Women's History
Drawing on engaging case studies, Essays in History of Canadian Law brings the law to life. The contributors to this collection provide rich historical and social context for each case, unravelling the process of legal decision-making and explaining the impact of the law on the people involved in legal disputes. Examining the law not simply as legislation and institutions, but as discourse, practice, symbols, rhetoric, and language, the chapters show the law as both oppressive and constraining and as a point of contention and means of resistance. This collection presents new approaches and concerns, as well as re-examinations of existing themes with new evidence and modes of storytelling. Contributors cover many thematic areas, from criminal to labour, civil, administrative, and human rights law, spanning English and French Canada, and ranging from the mid-eighteenth century to the late twentieth century. The legal cases vary from precedent-setting cases to lesser-known ones, from those driven by one woman’s quest for personal justice to others in which state actors dominate. Bringing to light how the people embroiled in these cases interacted with the legal system, the book reveals the ramifications of a legal system characterized by multiple layers of inequality. -- Publisher's description
Essays in the History of Canadian Law
University of Toronto Press
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xiv, 344 pages: illustrations (black and white)
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Contents: Introduction / Joan Sangster and Lori Chambers -- 1. The Trials of Caroline Ferguson: Reputation and Litigation in Quebec, 1852–1857 / Eric Reiter -- 2. A Cause Célèbre: Marriage, Quebec Law, and the Delpit Affair of 1901 / Mélanie Méthot -- 3. The Trials and Travails of Eliza Maria Campbell / Jim Phillips -- 4. Meunier v. Macdonald and Secord, 1911: A Métis Woman Takes on Prominent Edmonton Settler Businessmen, Politicians, and Land Speculators / Sarah Carter -- 5. Credibility, Corroboration, and Legal Betrayal of Rape Victims / Constance Backhouse -- 6. The Execution of Tommasina Teolis: Capital Punishment, Gender, and Ethnicity in Quebec in the First Half of the Twentieth Century / Don Fyson -- 7. The WTEA (1917), Canadian Women’s Suffrage, and Constitutional Thought in World War I / Lyndsay Campbell -- 8. Discipline as Deterrence: Labour Relations and the Silencing of Feminist Labour Activists / Joan Sangster and Julia Smith -- 9. Women Not Welcome: Martinie v. the Italian Society of Port Arthur / Laura Nigro, Lori Chambers, and Michel Beaulieu -- 10. Internal and External Advocacy for Legal Reform: Genesis of the Ontario Family Law Act [1986] 1967–1986 / Taylor Starr.

Chambers, L., & Sangster, J. (Eds.). (2023). New Essays in Women’s History (Vol. 12). University of Toronto Press. https://utorontopress.com/9781487553906/essays-in-the-history-of-canadian-law-volume-xii/