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Feminism's Fight: Challenging Politics and Policies in Canada Since 1970

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Feminism's Fight: Challenging Politics and Policies in Canada Since 1970
Feminism's Fight explores and assesses feminist strategies to advance gender justice through Canadian federal policy from the 1970s to the present. It tells the crucial story of a transformation in how feminism has been treated by governments and asks how new ways of organizing and emerging alliances can advance a feminist agenda of social and economic equality. This timely collection examines the ideas that feminists have put forward in pursuit of the goal of equality and traces the shifting frameworks employed by governments in response. The authors evaluate changing government orientations through the 1970s to 2020, revealing the negative impact on women's lives and the challenges posed for feminists. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the sexism, misogyny, and related systemic inequalities that remain widespread. Yet it has also revived feminist mobilization and animated calls for a new and comprehensive equality agenda for Canada. Feminism's Fight asks two key questions: What are the lessons from feminist engagement with federal government policy over fifty years? And what kinds of transformative policy demands will achieve the feminist goal of social and economic equality?-- Publisher's description
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Feminism's Fight
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Contents: Part 1: Challenging Dominant Paradigms, From the Status of Women to Gender Justice for Women / Barbara Cameron and Meg Luxton -- Sex Discrimination in the Indian Act: A Tool of Forced Assimilation / Shelagh Day and Pamela Palmater -- Part 2: Reclaiming the Economy. Feminism Meets Macroeconomic Policy / Barbara Cameron -- Never Done: The Challenge of Unpaid Work in the Home / Meg Luxton == Fifty Years for Farm Women: Gender and Shifting Agricultural Policy Paradigms in Canada / Amber J. Fletcher. Part 3: Reimagining Policy. Policy Discourses on Sexual Violence: From the Royal Commission to the (Post-)Neoliberal State / Lise Gotell == Responsibility and Reproduction after the Royal Commission / Alana Cattapan == The Royal Commission and Immigration and Citizenship: A Missed Opportunity? / Christina Gabriel == Securing Income, Sustaining Livelihoods: The Royal Commission, Social Reproduction, and Income Security / Ann Porter. Part 4: Reframing Representation. Strategic, Cynical, and Sinister Representation: Reconceptualizing and Recasting Women’s Representation / Alexandra Dobrowolsky == The Royal Commission and Unions: Leadership, Equality, Women’s Organizing, and Collective Agency / Linda Briskin. Part 5: Reforming Institutions. Equality Instituted? Gender Equity, Women’s Rights, and Human Rights Commissions / Nicole S. Bernhardt  == Federalism for the Twenty-First Century: Feminism and Multilevel Governance in Canada / Tammy Findlay.

Cameron, B., & Luxton, M. (Eds.). (2023). Feminism’s Fight: Challenging Politics and Policies in Canada Since 1970. UBC Press. https://www.ubcpress.ca/feminisms-fight