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Trafficking Harms: Critical Politics, Perspectives and Experiences

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Trafficking Harms: Critical Politics, Perspectives and Experiences
Amid the proliferating scholarship and often sensational public campaigns, Trafficking Harms offers fresh insights and critical analyses. The collection’s four thematic areas — Discourses and Representations; Law and Prosecutions; Policing and Surveillance; Migrant Labour Exploitation — examine an array of issues, including the contested definitions of human trafficking, the application of trafficking law and policy, the conflation of sex work and trafficking, the impacts of anti-trafficking frameworks on racialized communities, questions around “victims” and “traffickers” and much more. Showcasing a mix of scholarly research, public advocacy and first-person narratives, this book is the first of its kind in Canada. The authors include a diverse group of academics, legal advocates, frontline activists who work with migrant and sex-working communities, individuals who have been charged and/or convicted of trafficking offences and those who are directly impacted by trafficking law and policing, such as domestic and migrant sex workers. --Publisher's description
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Trafficking Harms
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Contents: Introduction -- Understanding Human Trafficking: An Examination of Discourses, Laws, Policing and Migrant Labour  / Katrin Roots, Ann De Shalit and Emily van der Meulen. Section 1: Trafficking Discourses and Representations. Beyond Carceral Humanitarianism: Antiblackness as the Structure of Anti-Trafficking Discourse / Lyndsey P. Beutin -- Emergence and Convergence of the Pimp and Trafficker in Media Discourse: Creating a New Super Folk Devil / Stacey Hannem and Chris Bruckert -- A Narrative on Anti-Trafficking Discourse and Advocacy in Newfoundland / Laura Winters. Section 2: Trafficking Law and Prosecutions. Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons Offences: Problems and Pitfalls in the Post-PCEPA Era / Tamara O’Doherty and Hayli Millar -- Human Trafficking Law and Policy: Exacerbating Racial and Gendered Violence in Ontario / Sandra Ka Hon Chu and Robyn Maynard -- Targeting Asian Massage Parlours in the Name of Anti-Trafficking: Experiences of Asian Women in Toronto / Elene Lam -- A Narrative on Defending People Charged with Human Trafficking / Mash Frouhar -- A Narrative on Being Charged with Human Trafficking / Anonymous. Section 3: Trafficking Policing and Surveillance. Anti-Trafficking and Data-Driven Policing: A Whole-of-Society Strategy / Robert Heynen -- Anti-Trafficking Policing in Vancouver: The Denial of Crimes Against Asian Sex Workers / Alison Clancey and Julie Ham -- Challenging Notions of Benevolence and Protection: Settler Colonial Anti-Trafficking Policing in Manitoba / Julie Kaye and Cerah Dubé -- A Narrative on Being an Indigenous and Trans Sex Worker in Winnipeg / Victoria Erin Flett. Section 4: Trafficking and Migrant Labour Exploitation. Discretionary Decisions in Immigration: Accessing Temporary Resident Permits as a Victim of Trafficking / Jessica Templeman -- Redefining “Exploitation”: Reconciling Human Trafficking Provisions with Canada’s Migrant Farm Work Program / Shane Martínez -- A Narrative on Organizing for Migrant Farm Worker Justice / Chris Ramsaroop.

Roots, K., De Shalit, A., & Van der Meulen, E. (Eds.). (2024). Trafficking Harms: Critical Politics, Perspectives and Experiences. Fernwood Publishing. https://fernwoodpublishing.ca/book/trafficking-harms