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Sow and Grow
Sow and Grow is a podcast by young farmers exploring the forces that shape Canadian agriculture and the solutions needed to build a more just and ecologically sustainable food system. Throughout the eight episode arc series, host Maddie Marmor, together with producers and co-hosts Stuart Oke and Aliyah Fraser, will break down how the climate crisis and farm crisis interact, inform, and influence one another. The team will take their shared, lived experience of farming during a time of crisis into the centre of many of the conversations with guests, including activists, policy advocates and of course other farmers, farmworkers seed keepers and food providers as they suss out how to respond to both crisis’s with care, responsibility and food sovereignty informed action. Farmers are making real decisions to mitigate, adapt and transform in this climate of crisis, and they need our support and our cheer as they struggle, often everyday, to do so. This series is for them. --Website description
6/7/23, 3:42 PM
Issued: 2022-2023.

Contents: Episode 1: A climate of crisis (30:08) -- Episode 2: Omissions about emissions (33:44) -- Episode 3: Cold myths, hot takes -- Episode 4: How do we use our land? -- Episode 5: Climate anxiety: Care in crisis -- Episode 6: Cultivating land-based relationships -- Episode 7: On farm solutions and changing how we farm -- Episode 8: The responsibility to hope.

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