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Updated: 2021-01-05
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(JOUR) "When our membership awakens": Welfare Work and Canadian Union Activism, 1950-1965, 1997
(JOUR) "You Will Have a Good Career Here, but Not a Great Career": Male Mentoring and the Women Journalists of the Canadian Press News Cooperative, 1965–2000, 2016
(JOUR) "Yours In Revolt": The Socialist Party of Canada and the Western Canadian Labour Movement, 1976
(JOUR) "À faire un peu de poussière:" Environmental Health and the Asbestos Strike of 1949, 2012
(JOUR) 'A Happy Holiday': English Canadians and Transatlantic Tourism, 1870-1930, 2010
(JOUR) 'An Impartial Umpire': Industrial Relations and the Canadian State, 1900-1911, 1981
(JOUR) 'Building the Co-operative Commonwealth': Essays on the Democratic Socialist Tradition in Canada, 1986
(JOUR) 'Cowering Women, Combative Men?': Femininity, Masculinity, and Ethnicity on Strike in Two Southern Ontario Towns, 1964-1966, 1997
(JOUR) 'Dangerous Foreigners:' European Immigrant Workers and Labour Radicalism in Canada, 1896-1932, 1980
(JOUR) 'Enough to Keep Them Alive': Indian Welfare in Canada, 1873-1965, 2005
(JOUR) 'Fight for Life': Dave Kashtan's Memories of Depression-Era Communist Youth Work, 2005
(JOUR) 'Fort Frick' and the Amalgamated: The Homestead Lockout of 1892 in Historical Perspective, 1993
(JOUR) 'In Our Time': Socialism and the Rise of Labor, 1885-1905, 1987
(JOUR) 'In Search Of The Unbound Prometheia': A Comparative View Of Women's Activism in Two Quebec Industries, 1869-1908, 1989
(JOUR) 'Living the Same as the White People': Mohawk and Anishinabe Women's Labour in Southern Ontario, 1920-1940, 2008
(JOUR) 'Nations Are Built of Babies': Saving Ontario Mothers and Children 1900-1940, 1994
(JOUR) 'Not a Sex Question'? The One Big Union and the Politics of Radical Manhood, 1998
(JOUR) 'Remember Kirkland Lake' : The History and Effects of the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners' Strike, 1941-42, 1985
(JOUR) 'Rewarding Your Enemies, Punishing Your Friends': The Labour College Strike of 1983, 1991
(JOUR) 'Ruffled' Mistresses and 'Discontented' Maids: Respectability and the Case of Domestic Service, 1880-1914, 1997
(JOUR) 'The Comforts of Married Life': Metis Family Life, Labour, and the Hudson's Bay Company, 2008
(JOUR) 'The Power of the Sack': The Cost of Job Loss in Canada, 1953-1985, 1990
(JOUR) 'There Were Always Men in Our House': Gender and the Childhood Memories of Working-Class Ukrainians in Depression-Era Canada, 2007
(JOUR) 'We Are All Kin': Reconsidering Labour and Class in Calgary, 1919, 1992
(JOUR) 'We always had things to do': The Paid and Unpaid Work of Anglophone Children Between the 1920s and the 1960s, 1990