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Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) "In case you hadn't noticed!": Race, Ethnicity, and Women's Wage-Earning in a Depression-Era City, 2005
(JOUR) "Jack" McDonald: A Canadian Revolutionary in New Zealand, 1993
(JOUR) "Just Business": 1970s Management Paternalism and Failed Service Sector Unionization, 2013
(JOUR) "Keep Communism Out of Our Schools": Cold War Anti-Communism at the Toronto Board of Education, 1948-1951, 2002
(JOUR) "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Door": Immigrants and the Guardians of Privilege in Canada, 2009
(JOUR) "Knowledge is Essential for Universal Progress but Fatal to Class Privilege": Working People and The Schools in Vancouver During The 1920s, 1988
(JOUR) "Legal Gentlemen Appointed by the Federal Government": the Canadian State, the Citizens' Committee of 1000, and Winnipeg's Seditious Conspiracy Trials of 1919-1920, 2004
(JOUR) "Letters from the Promised Land": The Ambiguous Radicalization of a Swedish Immigrant, 1928-1934, 2004
(JOUR) "Making Socialists": Bill Pritchard, the Socialist Party of Canada, and the Third International, 1992
(JOUR) "Man Over Money:" The Southern Populist Critique of American Capitalism, 1983
(JOUR) "Maybe We Shouldn't Laugh So Loud": The Hostility and Welcome Experienced by Foreign Nurses on Temporary Work Permits in Nova Scotia, Canada, 2019
(JOUR) "More News from Nowhere:" Utopian Notes of a Hamilton Machinist, 1986
(JOUR) "Nina Ponomareva's Hats": The New Revisionism, the Communist International, and the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1920-1930, 2002
(JOUR) "Not One Man! Not One Penny!" German Social Democracy, 1863-1914, 1984
(JOUR) "Not to Be Bought, Nor for Sale": The Trials of Joseph Edward Bird, 2016
(JOUR) "Now that we've burned our bras...": Review of Justice and Gender, 1991
(JOUR) "Ole Boy": [Memoirs of a Canadian Labour Leader, J.K. Bell], 1993
(JOUR) "Our Mickey": The Story of Private James O'Rourke, VC.MM (CEF), 1879-1957, 2001
(JOUR) "Radical Spirits": Spiritualism and Women's Rights in Nineteenth Century America, 1991
(JOUR) "Rapprocher les lieux du pouvoir": The Québec Labour Movement and Québec Sovereigntism, 1960-2000, 2000
(JOUR) "Ringing in the Common Love of Good": The United Farmers of Ontario, 1914-1926, 2001
(JOUR) "Ripped Off' By the System: Housing Policy, Poverty, and Territorial Stigmatization in Regent Park Housing Project, 1951-1991, 2003
(JOUR) "Rock in a Stream:" Living with the Political Economy of Underdevelopment in Cape Breton, 1989
(JOUR) "Severing the Connections in a Complex Community": The Grange, the Patrons of Industry and the Construction/Contestation of a Late 19th-century Agrarian Identity in Ontario, 2004
(JOUR) "She Was Skipper of the Shore-Crew:" Notes on the History of the Sexual Division of Labour in Newfoundland, 1985