Labour Studies Index
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(JOUR) A Different Perspective on the “Labor Rights as Human Rights” Debate Organized Labor and Human Rights Activism in Canada, 1939-1952, 2011
(JOUR) An Era of Wildcats and Sick-outs in Canada? The Continued Decline of Industrial Pluralism and the Case of Air Canada, 2014
(JOUR) Assessing the Potential Impact of Labor Law Reforms on University Faculty: Findings from a Midsized Public University in Ontario, 2016
(JOUR) Canada's East Asian Transplants Reach Maturity: Rewards and Perils, 2007
(JOUR) Canadian Autoworkers, the Climate Crisis, and the Contradictions of Social Unionism, 2011
(JOUR) Canadian Union Strategies in the Context of Change, 2002
(JOUR) Changing the Climate: Ecoliberalism, Green New Dealism, and the Struggle over Green Jobs in Canada, 2011
(JOUR) Changing Union-Party Relations in Canada: The Rise of the Working Families Coalition, 2010
(JOUR) Community Unionism Without the Community? Lessons from Labor-Community Coalitions in the Canadian Child Care Sector, 2018
(JOUR) Contemporary Party-Union Relations in Canada, 2010
(JOUR) Harnessing the Possibilities of Minority Unionism in Canada, 2013
(JOUR) "I Know What It's Like to Struggle": The Working Lives of Young Students in an Urban Community College, 2003
(JOUR) In a Different Way: Social Unionism in the Nonprofit Social Services-An Australian/Canadian Comparison, 2010
(JOUR) Labor and Austerity in Québec: Lessons from the Maple Spring, 2014
(JOUR) Leadership, Feminism and Equality in Unions in Canada, 2014
(JOUR) “Liking” Your Union: Unions and New Social Media during Election Campaigns, 2013
(JOUR) Lived Experiences of Social Unionism: Toronto Homecare Workers in the late 2000s, 2018
(JOUR) Organized Labor, Nuclear Power, and Environmental Justice: A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian and U.S. Labor Movements, 2011
(JOUR) Organizing Tactics in a Faculty Unionization Drive at a Canadian University, 2000
(JOUR) Organizing the Ivory Tower: The Unionization of the Brock University Faculty Association, 2012
(JOUR) Populist Unionism Confronts Austerity in Canada, 2014
(JOUR) Professors-in-Training or Precarious Workers? Identity, Coalition Building, and Social Movement Unionism in the 2015 University of Toronto Graduate Employee Strike, 2017
(JOUR) Raising retail: Organizing retail workers in Canada and the United States, 2013
(JOUR) Raising Retail: Organizing Retail Workers in Canada and the United States, 2013
(JOUR) Reorganizing Higher Education in the United States and Canada The Erosion of Tenure and the Unionization of Contingent Faculty, 2008