Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2021-01-05
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(JOUR) Atypical workforce: raising the status of part-time employment-Canada, 1991
(JOUR) Non-union employee representation in North America: diversity, controversy and uncertain future1, 2006
(JOUR) Resistance as emotional work: the Australian and Canadian non-profit social services: Resistance as emotional work, 2011
(JOUR) Revitalising young workers' union participation: a comparative analysis of two organisations in Quebec (Canada): Revitalising young workers' union participation, 2015
(JOUR) The compliance model of employment standards enforcement: an evidence-based assessment of its efficacy in instances of wage theft: The compliance model of ES enforcement, 2017
(JOUR) The effect of unions on the innovative behaviour of firms in Canada, 1991
(JOUR) Use of equal opportunities legislation and earnings differentials: A comparative study, 1990
(JOUR) Victimisation and agency: the social construction of union women's leadership, 2006
(JOUR) Vocational training and the labour market in liberal and coordinated economies, 2008
(JOUR) Why statutory union recognition is bad labour policy: The North American experience, 1999
(JOUR) Workplace representatives: strategic actors of union renewal?: Workplace representatives and union renewal, 2013