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Updated: 2022-05-16
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(CHAP) A "Honey" of a Union Deal: Gender and Status in the Labour Action of Carleton University Librarians, 1973-1975, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Librarians at the Table - Bargaining for Parity, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Librarianship: The Quest for Rights and Recognition at the University of Toronto, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Status for Canadian Academic Libraries: A Brief History, 2014
(CHAP) Collegial Self-Governance for Professional Librarians: The Establishment and Evolution of a Library Council at Brock University, 2014
(CHAP) From Certification to Strike - Academic Librarians & Archivists at the University of Western Ontario, 2014
(CHAP) Highs and Lows: An Examination of Academic Librarians' Collective Agreements, 2014
(BOOK) In Solidarity: Academic Librarian Labour Activism and Union Participation in Canada, 2014
(CHAP) Librarians as Faculty Association Participants: An Autoethnography, 2014
(CHAP) Librarians as Teachers, Researchers and Community Members, 2014
(CHAP) Ontario College Librarians' Campaign for Parity - Networking for Social Change, 2014
(CHAP) Out of the "Library Ghetto:" An Exploration of CAUT's Contributions to the Achievements of Canadian Academic Librarians, 2014
(CHAP) The Mouse that Didn't Roar: The Difficulty of Unionizing Academic Librarians at a Public American University, 2014
(CHAP) The Mouse that Roared: Finding Our Voice during the University of Western Ontario Librarians' and Archivists' Strike of 2011, 2014
(CHAP) The Quiet Librarian: Workplace Complaints and Collegiality, 2014