Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2021-01-05
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(JOUR) Building the ‘competitive city’: labour and Toronto’s bid to host the Olympic games, 2004
(JOUR) Historicizing Precarity: A Labour Geography of ‘Transient’ Migrant Workers in Ontario Tobacco, 2014
(JOUR) Hospitality Unionism and Labour Market Adjustment: Toward Schumpeterian Unionism?, 2009
(JOUR) Labouring geography: Negotiating scales, strategies and future directions, 2009
(JOUR) The labour geographies of education: The centralization of governance and collective bargaining in Ontario, Canada, 2013
(JOUR) ‘They took our beads, it was a fair trade, get over it’: Settler colonial logics, racial hierarchies and material dominance in Canadian agriculture, 2017
(JOUR) “We will go side-by-side with you.” Labour union engagement with Aboriginal peoples in Canada, 2009