Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) A Canada-US Comparison of Labour Market Outcomes among Highly Educated Immigrants, 2011
(JOUR) Accountability and Funding as Impediments to Social Policy Innovation: Lessons from the Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities, 2010
(JOUR) Accreditation Requirements and the Speed of Labour Market Adjustment in Canadian Building Trades, 2012
(JOUR) An aging workforce and the future labour market in Canada, 2015
(JOUR) Are Quebecers More Stressed Out at Work than Others? An Investigation into the Differences between Quebec and the Rest of Canada in Level of Work Stress, 2017
(JOUR) Canada's Immigration Selection System and Labour Market Outcomes, 2013
(JOUR) Challenges Confronting the Canadian Automotive Parts Industry: What Role for Public Policy?, 2017
(JOUR) Challenges of Coordination: Automotive Innovation in the Ontario Supply Chain in Comparative Context, 2017
(JOUR) Changing Immigrant Characteristics and Pre-Landing Canadian Earnings: Their Effect on Entry Earnings over the 1990s and 2000s, 2016
(JOUR) Do Large Employers Treat Racial Minorities More Fairly? An Analysis of Canadian Field Experiment Data, 2018
(JOUR) Doors Closed and Opportunities Missed: Lessons from Failed Automotive Investment Attraction in Canada in the 1980s, 2017
(JOUR) Economic Well-Being of Canadian Children, 2017
(JOUR) Enforcement of Ontario's Employment Standards Act: The Impact of Reforms, 2017
(JOUR) Firm-Sponsored Classroom Training: Is It Worth It for Older Workers?, 2014
(JOUR) Former Temporary Foreign Workers and International Students as Sources of Permanent Immigration, 2014
(JOUR) Health and Capacity to Work of Older Canadians: Gender and Regional Dimensions, 2018
(JOUR) How Do Older Laid-Off Workers Get By: Reemployment, Early Retirement, or Social Insurance Benefits?, 2018
(JOUR) Individual Financial Returns from Quebec Pension Plan Reform Options: Analyzing Proposals to Renew a Second-Pillar Retirement Income Program, 2018
(JOUR) Lack of Confidence in Police Creates a “Blue Ceiling” for Sex Workers' Safety, 2016
(JOUR) Lands and Resources for Jobs: How Aboriginal Peoples Strategically Use Environmental Assessments to Advance Community Employment Aims, 2016
(JOUR) Leaving Work, Leaving Home: Job Loss and Socio-Geographic Mobility in Canada, 2017
(JOUR) Preferences for the Distribution of Incomes in Modern Societies: The Enduring Influence of Social Class and Economic Context, 2018
(JOUR) Projecting the Impact of Population Aging on the Quebec Labour Market, 2016
(JOUR) Self-Employment and Retirement in Canada: The Labour Force Dynamics of Older Workers, 2015
(JOUR) Sex and Salaries at a Canadian University: The Song Remains the Same or the Times They Are a Changin'?, 2017