Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) A Comparison of the Labour Market Outcomes of Postsecondary Graduates of Various Levels and Fields over a Four-Cohort Period, 2004
(JOUR) After prison: Navigating employment and reintegration, 2018
(JOUR) Allongement de la jeunesse et précarisation de l’emploi : un lien de causalité ?, 2009
(JOUR) Becoming your own device: Self-tracking challenges in the workplace, 2018
(JOUR) Change and continuity: Canadian political economy in the new millennium, 2020
(JOUR) Choosing to Labour: Structure and Agency in School-Work Transitions, 2005
(JOUR) Discrimination in the workplace in Canada: An intersectional approach, 2021
(JOUR) Gender and academic promotion to full professor in Ontario, 2020
(JOUR) In the Shadows: Exploring the Notion of "Community" for Temporary Foreign Workers in a Boomtown, 2013
(JOUR) Introduction: The Labour of Race, 2013
(JOUR) Migration management, disciplinary power, and performances of subjectivity: Agricultural migrant workers’ in Ontario, 2016
(JOUR) Occupational demand, cumulative disadvantage, and gender: differences in university graduates’ early career earnings, 2019
(JOUR) Organizing local messengers: Working conditions and barriers to unionization, 2014
(JOUR) Re-inscribing gender relations through employment-related geographical mobility: The case of Newfoundland youth in resource extraction, 2019
(JOUR) Relational activism: Re-imagining women's environmental work as cultural change, 2010
(JOUR) The hidden work of challenging precarity, 2020
(JOUR) The responsible professor: EAPs and the neoliberal university, 2021
(JOUR) Worker Movement as a Union Issue: An Examination of Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Construction Sector in Alberta, Canada, 2016
(JOUR) Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres, 2018