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Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) E. P. Thompson vs Harold Logan: Writing about Labour and the Left in the 1970s, 1981
(JOUR) In the Name of Liberalism: Pierre Trudeau, Organized Labour, and the Canadian Social Democratic Left, 1949-1959, 2013
(JOUR) Race, exclusion, and archival silences in the seasonal migration of tobacco workers from the Southern United States to Ontario, 2018
(JOUR) The First Canadian Bank Strike: Labour Relations and White-Collar Union Organizing during the Second World War, 2018
(JOUR) The Shiners' War: Social Violence in the Ottawa Valley in the 1830s, 1973
(JOUR) ‘The best men that ever worked the lumber’: Aboriginal Longshoremen on Burrard Inlet, BC, 1863-1939, 2006