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Updated: 2021-01-05
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(THES) "A useful art": Artistic labour and social justice in Canadian poetry from 1789 to 1945, 2010
(THES) "And there's nothing goes wrong" : Industry, labour, and health and safety at the fluorspar mines, St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, 1933-1978, 2001
(THES) "Comrades! I am far from you, but I am with you!": Ukrainian working women, transnationalism, and the Soviet Cultural Revolution in Winnipeg, 1928, 2016
(THES) "Hire the Handicapped!": Disability Rights, Economic Integration and Working Lives in Toronto, Ontario, 1962-2005, 2014
(THES) "If you want blood": violence at work in the North American auto industry, 1960-1980, 2015
(THES) "Keeping the Kids out of Trouble": Extra-Domestic Labour and Social Reproduction in Toronto's Regent Park, 1959-2012, 2017
(THES) "No somos maquinas" (We aren't machines): Emotional dimensions of precarious labour in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, 2019
(THES) "Something to Just Hold On To": Occasional Teaching and Collaborative Inquiry in Precarious Times, 2017
(THES) "That Indispensable Figment of the Legal Mind": The Contract of Employment at Common Law in Ontario, 1890-1979, 2013
(THES) "That Indispensable Figment of the Legal Mind": The Contract of Employment at Common Law in Ontario, 1890-1979, 2013
(THES) "The Balance Wheel of the Industrial System": Maximum Hours, Minimum Wage, and Workmen's Compensation Legislation in Ontario, 1900-1939, 1980
(THES) "The both of us have battled": The practices and politics of female partners in the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, 2007
(THES) A History of the Mine Workers' Union of Canada, 1925-1936, 1977
(THES) A comparative approach to the study of community and work in Canadian mining and forestry towns, 1989
(THES) A crisis of social democracy : organized labour and the NDP in an era of neoliberalism, 2008
(THES) A detailed profile of union - non-union wage inequality in Canada: 1997-2004, 2006
(THES) A history of the Ottawa Allied Trades and Labour Association, 1897-1922: A study of working-class resistance and accommodation by the craft worker, 1992
(THES) A house like no other: An architectural and social history of the Ukrainian Labour Temple, 523 Arlington Avenue, Ottawa, 1923–1967, 2001
(THES) A proletarian Prometheus: Socialism, ethnicity, and revolution at the Lakehead, 1900-1935, 2007
(THES) Achieving Equality for Women in Labour and Employment – A Comparative Study of Colombia and Canada, 2017
(THES) Activist Social Workers in Neoliberal Times: Who are We Becoming Now?, 2011
(THES) Against capital: The political economy of aboriginal resistance in Canada, 1995
(THES) All the wrong people : the trial and career of labour lawyer, J. L. Cohen, 1982
(THES) An Anthropological Study of Longshoremen and of Industrial Relations in the Port of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, 1972
(THES) An Organizational Study of Mental Health in the Workplace, 2015