Labour Studies Index
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(THES) Achieving Equality for Women in Labour and Employment – A Comparative Study of Colombia and Canada, 2017
(THES) A comparative approach to the study of community and work in Canadian mining and forestry towns, 1989
(THES) A crisis of social democracy : organized labour and the NDP in an era of neoliberalism, 2008
(THES) A crisis of social democracy: Organized labour and the NDP in an era of neoliberalism, 2008
(THES) Activist Social Workers in Neoliberal Times: Who are We Becoming Now?, 2011
(THES) A detailed profile of union - non-union wage inequality in Canada: 1997-2004, 2006
(THES) A History of the Mine Workers' Union of Canada, 1925-1936, 1977
(THES) "And there's nothing goes wrong" : Industry, labour, and health and safety at the fluorspar mines, St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, 1933-1978, 2001
(THES) An Organizational Study of Mental Health in the Workplace, 2015
(THES) A proletarian Prometheus: Socialism, ethnicity, and revolution at the Lakehead, 1900-1935, 2007
(THES) Asbestos, Quebec: The Town, the Mineral, and the Local-Global Balance Between the Two, 2010
(THES) Athletic Labour, Spectatorship, and Social Reproduction in the World of Professional Hockey, 2016
(THES) "A useful art": Artistic labour and social justice in Canadian poetry from 1789 to 1945, 2010
(THES) Behind the resume: Influences on the educational and employment trajectories of 1.5 and second generation Filipino-Canadians in Vancouver, 2013
(THES) Benchmarking carrots and sticks : developing a model for the evaluation of work-based employment programs, 2009
(THES) Between the Scylla and Charybdis of anarchy and despotism: The state, capital, and the working class in the Great Depression, Toronto, 1929-1940, 1999
(THES) Bringing Labor Back In: Varieties of Unionism and the Evolution of Employment Protection and Unemployment Benefits in the Rich Democracies, 2014
(THES) Calling for resistance: The political economy of Indian and Canadian call centre industries, 2011
(THES) Captains of industry crewing the ship of state: Dollar-a-year men and industrial mobilization in WWII Canada, 1939-1942, 2014
(THES) Cities of Comrades: Urban Disasters and the Formation of the North American Progressive State, 2010
(THES) Clerical Workers: Acquiring the Skills to Meet Tacit Process Expectations Within a Context of Work Undervaluation and Job Fragility, 2010
(THES) Collective bargaining and pay equity : a study of pay equity bargaining in two Canadian provinces, 1995
(THES) Collective bargaining for New Brunswick nurses by New Brunswick nurses 1965-1969: In unity there is strength, 2009
(THES) Commissioning consent: An investigation of the Royal Commission on the Relations of Labour and Capital, 1886-1889, 2008
(THES) Communism and the Canadian working class during the Great Depression: The Workers' Unity League, 1930-1936, 1984
(THES) "Comrades! I am far from you, but I am with you!": Ukrainian working women, transnationalism, and the Soviet Cultural Revolution in Winnipeg, 1928, 2016
(THES) Constitutional Deradicalization of the Wagner Act Model:The Impact of B.C. Health Services and Fraser, 2011
(THES) Deindustrialization on the Periphery: An Oral History of Sydney Steel, 1945-2001, 2016
(THES) Deploying discourses of employability and domesticity: Women's employment and training policies and the formation of the Canadian welfare state, 1935–1947, 2000
(THES) Disability, discrimination and equal opportunities: A comparative study of legal models addressing the employment rights of disabled persons, with particular reference to Britain and the United States, 1993
(THES) Disability, Underemployment and Social Change, 2014
(THES) Discourses of Teacher Professionalism: A Study of Union-active Teachers, 2015
(THES) Disorganized labour : Canadian unions and constitutional reform, 2001
(THES) Economies of justice: Workers and labour reformers in late-Victorian Canadian industrial fiction, 2004
(THES) [E]motions, moments, and transnational connections: The lived experiences of two labour migrants in Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers' Program, 2007
(THES) Examining the Delineation of Jurisdiction Between Human Rights and Labour Arbitration After Figliola and Penner, 2015
(THES) Failed approaches: Youth employment and its implications for organized labor in Canada, 2014
(THES) Farm-level impacts in Mexico of the participation in Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (CSAWP), 2009
(THES) Finding home: Geographical links between paid and unpaid work for transnational care workers in Toronto's suburbs, 2013
(THES) Flexible work arrangements and co-worker perceptions: The relationship between values, job satisfaction and organizational commitment, 2015
(THES) For liberty, bread, and love: Annie Buller, Beckie Buhay, and the forging of Communist militant femininity in Canada, 1918-1939, 2009
(THES) Fragile future: The attack against public services and public sector unions in an era of austerity, 2013
(THES) Freedom of association in Canada: the dilemma for trade unions in a liberal society, 1989
(THES) From conquest to capitalism: The state, class, and capital in British North America, 1760-1860, 2005
(THES) Gifts of Rights?: A Legal History of Employment Pension Plans in Canada, 2011
(THES) Globalization and the Mexican-Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program: Power, racialization and transnationalism in temporary migration, 2006
(THES) Harnessing confrontation: The growth and consolidation of industrial legality in Canada, 1943-1950, 1996
(THES) Harvesting power and subjugation: Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in historical context, 2012
(THES) "Hire the Handicapped!": Disability Rights, Economic Integration and Working Lives in Toronto, Ontario, 1962-2005, 2014
(THES) How the media view public-sector workers: A critical discourse analysis of a 2009 municipal workers' strike in Windsor, Ontario, 2012
(THES) Hurrah revolutionaries and Polish patriots: The Polish Communist movement in Canada, 1918-1950, 2012
(THES) "If you want blood": violence at work in the North American auto industry, 1960-1980, 2015
(THES) Immigrant Women and their Work in the Informal Economy in Toronto: Impacts and the Potential for Critical Transformations, 2014
(THES) Insights into Nurses’ Work: Exploring Relationships among Work Attitudes Work-related Behaviours, 2016
(THES) Is leisure working? The state and the gendered regulation of working time and leisure in Canada, 1950-2006, 2012
(THES) Job Developers in Transition: A Study of Informal and Nonformal Job Skills Training of Job Developers in Nonprofit Organizations in Ontario, 2014
(THES) Knowledge, organization and the division of labour: Evaluating the knowledge class in Canada, 2013
(THES) Knowledge, Organization and the Division Of Labour: Evaluating the Knowledge Class in Canada, 2013
(THES) Labour Force Participation and Health-related Quality of Life in People Living with HIV, 2012
(THES) Labour landmarks in industrial Cape Breton, 1922-2011, 2012
(THES) Labour Law and Triangular Employment Growth, 2014
(THES) Labour law and union growth : the case of Ontario, 1988
(THES) La constitutionnalisation du droit de négociation collective : ses effets sur les régimes législatifs de représentation collective, 2013
(THES) La domesticité dans la colonie laurentienne au XVIIe siècle et au début du XVIIIe siècle (1640-1710), 2007
(THES) L'Arsenal canadien: Les politiques canadiennes et la fabrication de munitions au Canada durant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, 2012
(THES) Law's permissions, law's exclusions: precarious migration status in Canada, 2013
(THES) Leadership and staff in the Union of Northern Workers from 1967 to 1996, 2000
(THES) Learning to be 'uncivil': Class formation and feminisation in the Public Service Alliance of Canada, 1966-1996, 1998
(THES) « Le jour du Seigneur vendu à l'encan » : regard sur la Commission d'enquête sur l'observance du dimanche dans les industries de pâtes et papiers du Québec (1964-1966), 2012
(THES) L’évolution de la qualité d’emploi des immigrants du Canada par rapport aux natifs : une comparaison interprovinciale, 2013
(THES) L’usage par les travailleurs étrangers temporaires des ressources proposées par le droit du travail : une contribution aux études portant sur l’effectivité du droit, 2016
(THES) Mapping social relations of older workers' employment: using institutional ethnography to explore the meaning and organization of work, health, and safety of aging workers in the home support sector, 2013
(THES) Mental Health Issues and Work: Institutional Practices of Silence in a Mental Healthcare Organization, 2011
(THES) Meritless: Unemployed autoworkers, the social safety net, and the culture of meritocracy in America and Canada, 2012
(THES) Negotiating precarious cultural work: Freelance writers and collective organization in media industries, 2013
(THES) Neoliberalising immigration in Canada: The pilot project for occupations requiring lower-levels of formal training and the expansion of Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program, 2012
(THES) On the hook : Welfare capitalism on the Vancouver waterfront, 1919-1939, 2001
(THES) On the hook: Welfare capitalism on the Vancouver waterfront, 1919--1939, 2001
(THES) Organized labour and the constitutional question, 2006
(THES) Organized Leadership for Equitable Change: Union-active Teachers Dedicated to Social Justice, 2011
(THES) Organizing the unorganized: The Service, Office, and Retail Workers' Union of Canada (SORWUC), 1972-1986, 2009
(THES) Oshawa autoworkers: Social integration and oppositional class consciousness among the unionized workers of General Motors, 2005
(THES) Parcours de travail aux marges de l'emploi - Récits du salariat domestique, Québec, deuxième moitié du XXe siècle, 2015
(THES) Pathways to successful economic integration: The dynamics of low income and low wages among new immigrants to Canada, 2012
(THES) Permanent worker, temporary resident: Media representations of Canada's Live-In Caregiver Program, 2012
(THES) Plus ça change? A comparative analysis of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program and the pilot Foreign Worker Program for farm workers in Quebec, 2007
(THES) Precarious Life, Work and Culture, 2014
(THES) Precarious Work in Montreal: Women, Urban Space, and Time, 2016
(THES) Producing nurses: Nursing training in the age of rationalisation at Kingston General Hospital, 1924-1939, 1997
(THES) Proletarian spirits: A social history of the English-language labour press in Canada to 1900, 1984
(THES) Race, resistance and co-optation in the Canadian labour movement: Effecting an equity agenda like race matters, 2012
(THES) Racing Solidarity, Remaking Labour: Labour Renewal from a Decolonizing and Anti-racism Perspective, 2011
(THES) Rebel youth: Young workers, new leftists, and labour in English Canada, 1964-1973, 2012
(THES) Re-Conceptualizing "Contributing" Homelessness and Unpaid Labour in a Neo-Liberal Climate, 2014
(THES) Reconsidering staple insights: Canadian forestry and mining towns, 2004
(THES) Redefining “enterprising selves”: exploring the “negotiation” of South Asian immigrant women working as home-based enclave entrepreneurs, 2011
(THES) Redefining “Enterprising Selves”:Exploring the “Negotiation” of South Asian Immigrant Women Working as Home-based Enclave Entrepreneurs, 2013
(THES) Representing Vancouver’s working girls, 1890-1930, 2002
(THES) Rights of temporary foreign workers in Canada, 2012
(THES) Rules of Disengagement: 'Low Skill' Migrant Workers, Law and the Social Dimensions of Exclusionary Inclusion, 2014
(THES) Searching for the springs of health : Women and working families in Winnipeg's 1918-1919 influenza epidemic, 2003
(THES) Serving the fast food nation: Analyzing and understanding food choice, BMI and self-perceived weight in the food service worker population, 2013
(THES) Skilled trades' work and apprentice training in the manufacturing industry with a primary focus on the millwright trade: An inter-generational study, 2008
(THES) Solidarity by Association: The Unionization of Faculty, Academic Librarians and Support Staff at Carleton University (1973–1976), 2013
(THES) Solidarity forever, Canadians never: SAWP workers in Canada, 2012
(THES) State Repression and Political Deportation in Canada, 1919-1936, 2015
(THES) "That Indispensable Figment of the Legal Mind": The Contract of Employment at Common Law in Ontario, 1890-1979, 2013
(THES) The abuses of literacy : the making of a worker 'basic skills' crisis in England and North America, 1997
(THES) The Aging Workforce: Addressing its Challenges Through Development of a Dignified Lives Approach to Equality, 2010
(THES) "The both of us have battled": The practices and politics of female partners in the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, 2007
(THES) The class idea: Politics, ideology, and class formation in the United States and Canada in the twentieth century, 2012
(THES) The Concept of Home Care Nursing Workload: Analysis and Significance, 2011
(THES) The Development of Working-class Organic Intellectuals in the Canadian Black Left Tradition: Historical Roots and Contemporary Expressions, Future Directions, 2011
(THES) The Empire Within: Montreal, the Sixties, and the Forging of a Radical Imagination, 2007
(THES) The Estevan strike and riot, 1931, 1971
(THES) The homeless and reformers: Negotiating progress in the upper streets of Halifax, 1890--1914, 2008
(THES) The impact of formative work experiences on the psychological contract: The case of the Generation-X knowledge worker, 2011
(THES) The Impact of Informal Caregiving Intensity on Labour Market Outcomes, 2014
(THES) The international unions and the workers' revolt in Quebec, 1914-1925, 1998
(THES) The making of CUPE: Structure, democracy and class formation, 2005
(THES) The Making of CUPE: Structure, Democracy and Class Formation, 2005
(THES) The politics of capital: The crisis and transformation of Canada's big bourgeoisie, 1917-1947, 2010
(THES) The role and regulation of private, for-profit employment agencies in the British Columbia labour market and the recruitment of temporary foreign workers, 2011
(THES) The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Ontario: From the perspective of Jamaican migrants, 1997
(THES) The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program: Looking at Mexican participation through a magnifying glass, 2013
(THES) The Sex Worker Rights Movement in Canada: Challenging the 'Prostitution Laws', 2011
(THES) The social organization of the Ontario minimum wage campaign, 2012
(THES) The Voices of Women Struggling to Manage Employment and Motherhood, 2013
(THES) The Worker and the War Machine, 2015
(THES) Three essays in labour economics: An application of mixed methods research to understanding of the employment status of Aboriginal workers in Canada, 2013
(THES) Topics in Canadian Aboriginal earnings, employment and education: An empirical analysis, 2012
(THES) Traplines and tar sands: labour and the production of Aboriginal space, 2010
(THES) Trouble in our fields: Health and human rights among Mexican and Caribbean migrant farm workers in Canada, 2009
(THES) Underemployment and Health-related Quality of Life, 2010
(THES) Unemployed women in neo-liberal Canada: an intersectional analysis of social well-being, 2014
(THES) Unionization at Justice Canada: A Case Study, 2015
(THES) Unpaid Household Work: A Site of Learning for Women with Disabilities, 2011
(THES) Watching workers: a critical review of the law regarding electronic employee monitoring in non-unionized workplaces in Canada, 2008
(THES) We were called Greenies: Holocaust survivors in postwar Canada, 2012
(THES) When the Injured Nurse Returns to Work: An Institutional Ethnography, 2011
(THES) Who cares? The impact of neoliberal policies and new organizational methods on child and youth workers, 2009
(THES) Women in the margins: Media representations of women's labour in the Canadian press, 1939-1945, 2012
(THES) Women, Work, and Family: Estimating Married Women's Status Achievement Over Their Careers, 2013
(THES) Work, employment and unionization in transition houses: a case study of one Canadian province, 1996
(THES) Working natures: An ethnography of love, labour, and accumulation on the British Columbian coast, 2013
(THES) Working professionalism: Nursing in Western Canada, 1958-1977, 2013
(THES) Working the landscape: Cultures of labour in the British Colombia tree planting sector, 2010
(THES) Workplace Harassment: A Cross-Jurisdictional Comparative Analysis of Legislative Responses to this Workplace Phenomenon in Canada, 2014
(THES) Work, wages and welfare in aboriginal-non-aboriginal relations, British Columbia, 1849-1970, 1995