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Updated: 2019-04-26
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(THES) Achieving Equality for Women in Labour and Employment – A Comparative Study of Colombia and Canada, 2017
(THES) A comparative approach to the study of community and work in Canadian mining and forestry towns, 1989
(THES) A crisis of social democracy : organized labour and the NDP in an era of neoliberalism, 2008
(THES) Activist Social Workers in Neoliberal Times: Who are We Becoming Now?, 2011
(THES) A detailed profile of union - non-union wage inequality in Canada: 1997-2004, 2006
(THES) A History of the Mine Workers' Union of Canada, 1925-1936, 1977
(THES) A history of the Ottawa Allied Trades and Labour Association, 1897-1922: A study of working-class resistance and accommodation by the craft worker, 1992
(THES) A house like no other: An architectural and social history of the Ukrainian Labour Temple, 523 Arlington Avenue, Ottawa, 1923–1967, 2001
(THES) All the wrong people : the trial and career of labour lawyer, J. L. Cohen, 1982
(THES) Analysis of a worker-based participatory action research approach to the identification of selected occupational health and safety problems in Canada using mapping, 2004
(THES) An Anthropological Study of Longshoremen and of Industrial Relations in the Port of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, 1972
(THES) "And there's nothing goes wrong" : Industry, labour, and health and safety at the fluorspar mines, St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, 1933-1978, 2001
(THES) An Organizational Study of Mental Health in the Workplace, 2015
(THES) A proletarian Prometheus: Socialism, ethnicity, and revolution at the Lakehead, 1900-1935, 2007
(THES) Asbestos, Quebec: The Town, the Mineral, and the Local-Global Balance Between the Two, 2010
(THES) Athletic Labour, Spectatorship, and Social Reproduction in the World of Professional Hockey, 2016
(THES) "A useful art": Artistic labour and social justice in Canadian poetry from 1789 to 1945, 2010
(THES) Behind the resume: Influences on the educational and employment trajectories of 1.5 and second generation Filipino-Canadians in Vancouver, 2013
(THES) Benchmarking carrots and sticks : developing a model for the evaluation of work-based employment programs, 2009
(THES) Between the Scylla and Charybdis of anarchy and despotism: The state, capital, and the working class in the Great Depression, Toronto, 1929-1940, 1999
(THES) Bringing Labor Back In: Varieties of Unionism and the Evolution of Employment Protection and Unemployment Benefits in the Rich Democracies, 2014
(THES) Calling for resistance: The political economy of Indian and Canadian call centre industries, 2011
(THES) Captains of industry crewing the ship of state: Dollar-a-year men and industrial mobilization in WWII Canada, 1939-1942, 2014
(THES) Class Struggle and Solidarity in Neo-Liberal Times: The 1986 Gainers Strike, 2014
(THES) Class struggle, the Communist Party, and the Popular Front in Canada, 1935-1939, 2017