Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(RPRT) "I wanted a career, not a job" First Nations and Metis employment in the construction of the Lower Mattagami River Project, 2015
(RPRT) "Sharing economy" or on-demand service economy? A survey of workers and consumers in the Greater Toronto Area, 2017
(RPRT) 2015 New Labour Trilogy, 2015
(RPRT) A Family Living Wage for Manitoba, 2017
(RPRT) A Higher Standard: The Case for Holding Low-Wage Employers in Ontario to a Higher Standard, 2015
(RPRT) A Living Wage as a Human Right, 2012
(RPRT) A Return to Wage Discrimination: Pay Equity Losses Through the Privatization of Health Care, 2004
(RPRT) A Statistical Profile of Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada: Based on the 2011 National Household Survey and Labour Force Survey, 2014
(RPRT) A Survey of Sessional Faculty in Ontario Publicly Funded Universities, 2016
(RPRT) Aboriginal Labour Market Performance in Canada: 2007-2011, 2012
(RPRT) Aboriginal Youth Employment in Northern Canada, 2014
(RPRT) Annual Report of Wage, Rates, Salaries and Hours of Labour = Taux de salaries, traitement, et heures de travail, 1901
(RPRT) Building Balance, Fairness, and Opportunity in Ontario’s Labour Market, 2015
(RPRT) CAW Task Force on Working Class Politics in the 21st Century, 2002
(RPRT) Canada's Colour Coded Labour Market: The Gap for Racialized Workers, 2011
(RPRT) Canadian labour, the Cold War and Asia, 1945-1955, 2003
(RPRT) Charlottetown Living Wage 2020, 2020
(RPRT) Charting a Path to $15/Hour for all Workers — and the Road Beyond, 2017
(RPRT) Citizenship and Precarious Labour in Canadian Agriculture, 2015
(RPRT) Contract U: Contract faculty appointments at Canadian universities, 2018
(RPRT) Demanding a Fair Share, 2017
(RPRT) Dispelling Minimum Wage Mythology: The Minimum Wage and the Impact on Jobs in Canada, 1983-2012, 2014
(RPRT) Employment Equity Policy in Canada: An Interprovincial Comparison, 2007
(RPRT) Employment Strain: The Hidden Costs of Precarious Employment: Final Research Report for the WSIB Research Advisory Council, 2007
(RPRT) Equal rights for migrant care workers: The case for immigration policy transformation, 2021