Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(MGZN) A foundation to strengthen worker rights?, 2019
(MGZN) Advancing equity and fairness through collective bargaining, 2020
(MGZN) Bargaining in the shadow of BC’s Public Sector Employers’ Council, 2020
(MGZN) Beyond Bread and Butter, 2016
(MGZN) Beyond the Impasse of Canadian Labour: Union Renewal, Political Renewal, 2014
(MGZN) Bienfait: The Saskatchewan Miners' Struggles of '31, 2003
(MGZN) Bill Davis’s anti-worker legacy, 2021
(MGZN) Canadian Universities Are Surveilling Striking Workers with Private Security
(MGZN) Community Unionism, 2014
(MGZN) Courage, strength, and resolve: How the King's University College Faculty Association unionized in the middle of a pandemic, 2020
(MGZN) Delivering justice, 2020
(MGZN) General Motors Returns to Oshawa—But Offers Only Second-Tier Jobs in a ‘Pop-Up’ Plant, 2020
(MGZN) Getting the Most of Canada's Resource Wealth: A Union Response to Brendan Haley, 2014
(MGZN) Glen Makahonuk: union leader and social activist. Born September 15, 1951. Died December 10, 1997 of an inoperable brain tumor at his home in Saskatoon, age 46, 1998
(MGZN) How Foodsters United Is Organizing Canada’s Gig Economy, 2020
(MGZN) How the government restricts free and fair collective bargaining: An examination of faculty bargaining history as constrained by the "Ontario Labour Relations Act", 2020
(MGZN) Inside Laurentian University’s Demise: The Institution Was Restructured to Align the Curriculum with Market Demands—an Administrative Task, Not an Intellectual One, 2021
(MGZN) It's About More than Wages: The Social Impact of Precarious Employment, 2014
(MGZN) Looking for Mrs. Armstrong, 2002
(MGZN) Our Unions and the Tar Sands: A Flawed Policy in the Age of Climate Change, 2014
(MGZN) Pushing ahead: Advancing collective bargaining rights in the library, 2020
(MGZN) Rising to the challenge: Reflections on a round of pandemic bargaining, 2020
(MGZN) Secret Amazon Reports Expose the Company’s Surveillance of Labor and Environmental Groups, 2020
(MGZN) The Continuing Global Slump, 2012
(MGZN) The Estevan strike and riot of 1931: remembering one of the most important strikes in Canadian history, 1997