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Updated: 2020-03-01
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(MGZN) A foundation to strengthen worker rights?, 2019
(MGZN) Beyond the Impasse of Canadian Labour: Union Renewal, Political Renewal, 2014
(MGZN) Bienfait: The Saskatchewan Miners' Struggles of '31, 2003
(MGZN) Community Unionism, 2014
(MGZN) Getting the Most of Canada's Resource Wealth: A Union Response to Brendan Haley, 2014
(MGZN) Glen Makahonuk: union leader and social activist. Born September 15, 1951. Died December 10, 1997 of an inoperable brain tumor at his home in Saskatoon, age 46, 1998
(MGZN) It's About More than Wages: The Social Impact of Precarious Employment, 2014
(MGZN) Our Unions and the Tar Sands: A Flawed Policy in the Age of Climate Change, 2014
(MGZN) The Continuing Global Slump, 2012
(MGZN) The Estevan strike and riot of 1931: remembering one of the most important strikes in Canadian history, 1997
(MGZN) The New Face of Work, 2004
(MGZN) The Québec Immigrant Workers Centre Experience: Fighting Precarity, 2014
(MGZN) Trade Unionism in Quebec: Current Realities and Prospects for Renewal, 2014
(MGZN) We must never forget: remembering the 1931 Estevan strike, 1997