Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2019-04-26
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(CHAP) A Bibliography of British Columbia Labour History, 1999
(CHAP) Academic Librarians at the Table - Bargaining for Parity, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Librarianship: The Quest for Rights and Recognition at the University of Toronto, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Status for Canadian Academic Libraries: A Brief History, 2014
(CHAP) A Changing Union Tide Hurts Vulnerable Workers: A Case Study on Migrant Workers, 2014
(CHAP) A Community Coalition in Defense of Public Medicare, 2006
(CHAP) A Crisis of Representation, 2018
(CHAP) Addressing competition: Strategies for organizing precarious workers - Cases from Canada, 2011
(CHAP) Advancing Human Rights for All Canadians, 2014
(CHAP) Against Company, Church and State: Madeleine Parent and the Dominion Textile Strike of 1946, 2012
(CHAP) A "Honey" of a Union Deal: Gender and Status in the Labour Action of Carleton University Librarians, 1973-1975, 2014
(CHAP) All That is Solid Melts into Air: Worker Participation and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Ontario, 1970-2000., 2006
(CHAP) An Introduction to Anti-Unionism in Canada, 2018
(CHAP) Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism, 2006
(CHAP) Anticolonialism, Labor, and the Pedagogies of Community Unionism: The Case of Hotel Workers in Canada, 2009
(CHAP) Anti-Poverty Work: Unions, Poor Workers and Collective Action in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Anti-Racism and the Organized Labour Movement, 1998
(CHAP) Anti-Unionism in Professional Sport: The Case of Major Junior Hockey, 2018
(CHAP) Are We There Yet? The Struggle for Equity in Canadian Unions, 2009
(CHAP) Bargaining for Economic Equality: A Path to Union Renewal, Then and Now, 2009
(CHAP) Blacks and the Canadian Labour Market, 2010
(CHAP) Boom, Bust and Bluster: Newfoundland and Labrador's "Oil Boom" and Its Impacts on Labour, 2012
(CHAP) Borders, Gender, and Labor: Canadian and U.S. Mining Towns during the Cold War Era, 2011
(CHAP) Building Capacity for Global Action: Steelworkers' Humanity Fund, 2006
(CHAP) Business Unionism and Social Unionism in Theory and Practice, 2012