Labour Studies Index
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(CHAP) A Bibliography of British Columbia Labour History, 1999
(CHAP) Academic Librarians at the Table - Bargaining for Parity, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Librarianship: The Quest for Rights and Recognition at the University of Toronto, 2014
(CHAP) Academic Status for Canadian Academic Libraries: A Brief History, 2014
(CHAP) A Changing Union Tide Hurts Vulnerable Workers: A Case Study on Migrant Workers, 2014
(CHAP) A Community Coalition in Defense of Public Medicare, 2006
(CHAP) Addressing competition: Strategies for organizing precarious workers - Cases from Canada, 2011
(CHAP) Advancing Human Rights for All Canadians, 2014
(CHAP) Against Company, Church and State: Madeleine Parent and the Dominion Textile Strike of 1946, 2012
(CHAP) A "Honey" of a Union Deal: Gender and Status in the Labour Action of Carleton University Librarians, 1973-1975, 2014
(CHAP) All That is Solid Melts into Air: Worker Participation and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Ontario, 1970-2000., 2006
(CHAP) Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism, 2006
(CHAP) Anticolonialism, Labor, and the Pedagogies of Community Unionism: The Case of Hotel Workers in Canada, 2009
(CHAP) Anti-Poverty Work: Unions, Poor Workers and Collective Action in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Anti-Racism and the Organized Labour Movement, 1998
(CHAP) Are We There Yet? The Struggle for Equity in Canadian Unions, 2009
(CHAP) Bargaining for Economic Equality: A Path to Union Renewal, Then and Now, 2009
(CHAP) Blacks and the Canadian Labour Market, 2010
(CHAP) Boom, Bust and Bluster: Newfoundland and Labrador's "Oil Boom" and Its Impacts on Labour, 2012
(CHAP) Borders, Gender, and Labor: Canadian and U.S. Mining Towns during the Cold War Era, 2011
(CHAP) Building Capacity for Global Action: Steelworkers' Humanity Fund, 2006
(CHAP) Business Unionism and Social Unionism in Theory and Practice, 2012
(CHAP) Canada’s Guest Workers: Racialized, Gendered, and Flexible, 2007
(CHAP) Canadian Labour and the Crisis of Solidarity, 2012
(CHAP) Canadian Labour and the Environment: Addressing the Value-Action Gap, 2012
(CHAP) Caring for/caring about: women, home care, and unpaid caregiving, 2004
(CHAP) Carrying on the Struggle in Ontario, 1952-1973, 2005
(CHAP) Changing Patterns in the Literature of Climate Change and Canadian Work: The Research of Academic, Government and Social Actors, 2013
(CHAP) Classroom Struggle: Teachers' Unions, Collective Bargaining, and Neoliberal Reform, 2013
(CHAP) Climate Change and Labour in the Energy Sector, 2013
(CHAP) Climate Change and Work and Employment in the Canadian Postal and Courier Sector, 2013
(CHAP) Climate, Work and Labour: The International Context, 2013
(CHAP) Collective Bargaining for Teachers in Ontario: Central Power, Local Responsibility, 2012
(CHAP) Collegial Self-Governance for Professional Librarians: The Establishment and Evolution of a Library Council at Brock University, 2014
(CHAP) Community Unionism and the Canadian Labour Movement, 2012
(CHAP) Community Unions and Labour Movement Renewal: Organizing for Fair Employment, 2006
(CHAP) Conceptualizing Precarious Employment: Mapping Wage Work Across Social Location and Occupational Context, 2006
(CHAP) Conflict Without Compromise: The Case of Public Sector Teacher Bargaining in British Columbia, 2012
(CHAP) Confronting Racism in the Canadian Labour Movement: An Intergenerational Assessment, 2009
(CHAP) Constitutional Protection for the Right to Strike: The Role of the Courts, 2014
(CHAP) Continuing Assault on Public Sector Unions, The, 2013
(CHAP) Cross-Constituency Organizing: A Vehicle for Union Renewal, 2009
(CHAP) Crosscurrents: Comparative Review of Elementary and Secondary Teacher Collective Bargaining Structures in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Developing a Conceptual Model of Equity Progress in Unions, 2009
(CHAP) Development as Remittances or Development as Freedom? Exploring Canada's Temporary Migration Programs from a Rights-Based Approach, 2012
(CHAP) Domesticity and Mill Families, 1990
(CHAP) Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism, 2008
(CHAP) Employment Strain, Precarious Employment, and Temporary Employment Agencies, 2007
(CHAP) Envisioning Equality: Analogous Grounds and Farm Workers' Experience of Discrimination, 2012
(CHAP) Equity in Unions: Political Correctness or Necessity for Survival?, 2009
(CHAP) Essential but Precarious: Changing Employment Relationships and Resistance in the Ontario Public Service, 2006
(CHAP) Exporting Oil, Importing Labour, and Weakening Democracy: The Use of Foreign Migrant Workers in Alberta, 2015
(CHAP) Families and Work: Connecting households, workplaces, state policies and communities, 2010
(CHAP) Federal Public Sector Unions in Times of Austerity: Linking Structure and Strategic Choice, 2013
(CHAP) Freedom of Association: The Right to Bargain Collectively and the Right to Organize, 2014
(CHAP) Free Markets and the Decline of Unions and Good Jobs, 2012
(CHAP) From Certification to Strike - Academic Librarians & Archivists at the University of Western Ontario, 2014
(CHAP) Gender at Work at Home: Family Decisions, the Labour Market, and Girls' Contributions to the Family Economy, 2008
(CHAP) Gendering Union Renewal: Women's Contributions to Labour Movement Revitalization, 2009
(CHAP) Giving Life to the ILO: Two Cheers for the SCC, 2012
(CHAP) Globalization and Union Renewal: Perspectives from the Quebec Labour Movement, 2006
(CHAP) Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance, 2011
(CHAP) Harvest Pilgrims: Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario, 2012
(CHAP) Highs and Lows: An Examination of Academic Librarians' Collective Agreements, 2014
(CHAP) "I Call It Surviving:" Lynn Jones on Fighting Racism in the Community and in the Labour Movement, 2012
(CHAP) I Have Lived Here Since the World Began: An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People, 1996
(CHAP) Income Inequality in Canada: History and Trends, 2014
(CHAP) Increasing Inter-Union Co-operation and Co-ordination: The BC Federation of Labour Organizing Institute, 2006
(CHAP) Indigenous Workers, Casino Development and Union Organizing, 2012
(CHAP) Innovation in Canadian Unions: Patterns, Causes and Consequences, 2006
(CHAP) International Trade Agreements and the Ontario Green Energy Act: Opportunities and Obstacles, 2013
(CHAP) In the Public Interest: Nurses on Strike, 2013
(CHAP) Introduction: Farm Workers, Collective Bargaining Rights, and the Meaning of Constitutional Protection, 2012
(CHAP) Introduction: Setting the Stage, 2005
(CHAP) Introduction: Sudbury's Crisis of Development and Democracy, 2008
(CHAP) In Whose Public Interest? The Canadian Union of Postal Workers and National Security, 2000
(CHAP) K-12 Collective Bargaining in Newfoundland and Labrador, 2012
(CHAP) Labor Power: Can Workers Shape Economic Geographies?, 2012
(CHAP) Labour and the Politics of Voting System Reform in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Labour, Courts and the Erosion of Workers' Rights in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Labour Inequality: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class, 2005
(CHAP) Labour Migration and Temporary Work: Canada’s Foreign-Worker Programs in the “New Economy.”, 2010
(CHAP) Labour Relations in the Quebec K-11 Education Sector: Labour Regulation Under Centralization, 2012
(CHAP) Labour Rights: A Democratic Counterweight to Growing Income Inequality in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Leased Labour and the Erosion of Workers' Protection: The Boundaries of the Regulation of Temporary Employment Agencies in Québec, 2013
(CHAP) Lessons from Canada: The Impact of the Charter and Freedoms in Labour and Employment Law, 2000
(CHAP) Librarians as Faculty Association Participants: An Autoethnography, 2014
(CHAP) Librarians as Teachers, Researchers and Community Members, 2014
(CHAP) Little Victories and Big Defeats: The Rise and Fall of Collective Bargaining Rights for Domestic Workers in Ontario., 1997
(CHAP) Machines, 2008
(CHAP) Marginalized and Dissident Non-Citizens: Foreign Domestic Workers, 2005
(CHAP) Mine Mill Local 598/CAW Reaches a Turning Point, 2008
(CHAP) Missed Opportunities and Forgotten Futures: Why Union Renewal in Canada Has Stalled, 2007
(CHAP) Mitigating Precarious Employment in Quebec: The Role of Minimum Employment Standards Legislation, 2006
(CHAP) Mobilizing Young People: A Case Study of UFCW Canada Youth Programs and Initiatives, 2006
(CHAP) My View from the Blackened Rocks, 2008
(CHAP) National Contours: Solidarity and Fragmentation, 1998
(CHAP) No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, 2000
(CHAP) Occupation, 2014
(CHAP) Oil and Ideology: The Transformation of K-12 Bargaining in Alberta, 2012
(CHAP) Ontario College Librarians' Campaign for Parity - Networking for Social Change, 2014
(CHAP) Organized Labour and the Politics of Strategic Voting, 2012
(CHAP) Organizing Call Centres: The Steelworkers' Experience, 2006
(CHAP) Organizing Migrant and Immigrant Workers in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Out of the "Library Ghetto:" An Exploration of CAUT's Contributions to the Achievements of Canadian Academic Librarians, 2014
(CHAP) Paradox of Professionalism: Unions and Professionals in the Public Sector, The, 2013
(CHAP) Patients at Work: Insane Asylum Inmates' Labour in Ontario, 1841-1900, 2006
(CHAP) Patterns of Labour Control and the Erosion of Labour Standards: Towards an International Study of the Quality of Working Life in the Automobile Industry (Canada, Japan and the UK), 2004
(CHAP) Placing Filipino Caregivers in Canadian Homes: Regulating Transnational Employment Agencies in British Columbia, 2013
(CHAP) Portfolio of Photographs, 2005
(CHAP) Precarious by Choice? Gender and Self-Employment, 2006
(CHAP) Precarious Employment and Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario, 2012
(CHAP) Precarious Employment and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Quebec, 2006
(CHAP) Precarious Employment and People with Disabilities, 2006
(CHAP) Precarious Employment and the Law's Flaws: Identifying Regulatory Failure and Securing Effective Protection for Workers, 2006
(CHAP) Precarious Employment: Towards an Improved Understanding of Labour Market Insecurity, 2006
(CHAP) Precarious Work, Privatization, and the Health-Care Industry: The Case of Ancillary Workers, 2006
(CHAP) Privatizing Public Employment Assistance and Precarious Employment in Toronto, 2006
(CHAP) Public Interest, Public Service, 1998
(CHAP) Public Sector Unions and Electoral Politics in Canada, 2013
(CHAP) Public Sector Unions in Sudbury, 2008
(CHAP) Québec Labour: Days of Glory or the Same Old Story?, 2012
(CHAP) Race and Class under Mercantilism: Indigenous People in Nineteenth-Century Canada, 1988
(CHAP) Racism/Anti-Racism, Precarious Employment, and Unions, 2006
(CHAP) Rank-and-File Involvement in Policy-Making at the CEP, 2006
(CHAP) Real Change? Reflections on Employment Equity’s Last Thirty Years, 2014
(CHAP) Regulating Precarious Labour Markets: What Can We Learn from New European Models?, 2006
(CHAP) Renewal from Different Directions: The Case of UNITE-HERE Local 75, 2006
(CHAP) Renewing Public Sector Unions, 2013
(CHAP) Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada: An Introduction, 2012
(CHAP) Retooling the Mind Factory: Education in a Lean State, 2003
(CHAP) Rise and Decline of Local 6500 United Steel Workers of America, The, 2008
(CHAP) Rowing Against the Tide: The Struggle to Raise Union Density in a Hostile Environment, 2006
(CHAP) Sites for Renewal: Women's Activism in Male-Dominated Unions in Australia, Canada, and the United States, 2009
(CHAP) Social Movement Unionism: Beyond the Organizing Model, 2003
(CHAP) Social Reproduction and the Changing Dynamics of Unpaid Household and Caregiving Work, 2007
(CHAP) Social Unionism and Union Power in Public Sector Unions, 2013
(CHAP) Social Unionism, Partnership and Conflict: Union Engagement with Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) State and Civility in Sudbury, The, 2008
(CHAP) Steel City Meltdown: Hamilton and the Changing Canadian Steel Industry, 2012
(CHAP) Strategic Dilemma: The State of Union Renewal in Canada, 2003
(CHAP) Strikebreaking and the Corporate Agenda at the Sudbury Star, 2008
(CHAP) Student Life at McGill, 1936-1940, 2005
(CHAP) Teacher Collective Bargaining in Manitoba, 2012
(CHAP) Textile Strikes in Quebec: 1946, 1947, 1952, 2005
(CHAP) The 10 Percenters: Gender, Nationality, and Occupational Health in Canada, 2006
(CHAP) The Atlantic Connection, 1982-2000, 2005
(CHAP) The BCGEU: The Road to Renewal, 2006
(CHAP) The Biggest Roll-Back of Worker Rights in Canadian History: The Campbell Government and Labour Market Deregulation in British Columbia, 2012
(CHAP) The Centralization of Collective Bargaining in Ontario's Public Education Sector and the Need to Balance Stakeholder Interests, 2012
(CHAP) The Evolution of Teacher Bargaining in Ontario, 2012
(CHAP) The Forestry Industry, 2013
(CHAP) The Fraser Case: A Wrong Turn in a Fog of Judicial Deference, 2012
(CHAP) The Great Divide: School Politics and Labour Relations in British Columbia Before and After 1972, 2012
(CHAP) The Hidden Costs of Precarious Employment: Health and the Employment Relationship, 2006
(CHAP) The Impact of Climate Change on Employment and Skills Requirements in the Construction Industry, 2013
(CHAP) The Importance of Being Madeleine: How an Activist Won the Hearts of Quebec's Immigrant and Minority Women, 2005
(CHAP) The International Constitution, 2012
(CHAP) The Limits and Possibilities of the Structures and Procedures for Health and Safety Regulation in Ontario, Canada, 2013
(CHAP) The Mouse that Didn't Roar: The Difficulty of Unionizing Academic Librarians at a Public American University, 2014
(CHAP) The Mouse that Roared: Finding Our Voice during the University of Western Ontario Librarians' and Archivists' Strike of 2011, 2014
(CHAP) The New Democratic Party in the Era of Neoliberalism, 2012
(CHAP) Theories and Policies of Racial Domination, 1988
(CHAP) The Power of Collective Bargaining: International Rights in a Neoliberal Age, 2014
(CHAP) The Quiet Librarian: Workplace Complaints and Collegiality, 2014
(CHAP) The Red Petticoat Brigade: Mine Mill Women's Auxiliaries and the Threat from Within, 1940s-70s, 2000
(CHAP) The Revival of Industrial Unions in Canada: The Extension and Adaptation of Industrial Union Practices to the New Economy, 2003
(CHAP) The Roots of Organizing Agriculture Workers in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) The Sky Didn't Fall: Organizing to Combat Racism in the Workplace - The Case of the Alliance for Employment Equity., 2007
(CHAP) The Spoils of the Tar Sands: Profits, Work and Labour in Alberta, 2012
(CHAP) The Transportation Equipment Industry, 2013
(CHAP) The Union Dimension: Mitigating Precarious Employment?, 2006
(CHAP) "The War for the Common Man": The CIO’s Narrative of a Fulfilled Democracy, 2012
(CHAP) The Women's Movement in Canada: Setting the Agenda, 2005
(CHAP) The Workers' Organizing and Resource Centre In Winnipeg, 2006
(CHAP) Thinking through Community Unionism, 2006
(CHAP) Too Bad, You Were Too Late Coming In!, 2009
(CHAP) Tourism, Climate Change and the Missing Worker: Uneven Impacts, Institutions and Response, 2013
(CHAP) Union Education, Union Leadership and Union Renewal: The Role of PEL, 2006
(CHAP) Union Renewal and Organizational Change: A Review of the Literature, 2006
(CHAP) Union Renewal and Precarious Employment: A Case Study of Hotel Workers, 2006
(CHAP) Union Resistance and Union Renewal in the CAW, 2006
(CHAP) Unions and Democratic Governance: Empowering Participatory Citizenship, 2014
(CHAP) Unions, Gender Equity and Neoconservative Politics, 2012
(CHAP) Unions in Crisis, Unions in Renewal?, 2003
(CHAP) Unions in the Nonprofit Social Services: Gendered Resistance, 2013
(CHAP) What Fraser Means for Labour Rights in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) What Is to Be Done? Harnessing Knowledge to Mitigate Precarious Employment., 2006
(CHAP) Wheel of Fortune: Work and Life in the Age of Falling Expectations, 1995
(CHAP) When Your Boss is the State: The Paradoxes of Public Sector Work, 2013
(CHAP) Whither the Quebec Model? Boom, Bust and Quebec Labour, 2012
(CHAP) Who Owns Charter Values? A Mobilization Strategy for the Labour Movement, 2014
(CHAP) Why Unions Matter, 2014
(CHAP) Will the Vicious Circle Be Unbroken? The Exclusion of Ontario Farm Workers from the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2006
(CHAP) Women are Key to Union Renewal: Lessons from the Canadian Labour Movement, 2006
(CHAP) Worker safety in Alberta: Trading health for profit, 2015
(CHAP) Working Toward Equality: Putting Vision into Practice, 2014