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(JOUR) 1005: Political Life in a Union Local, 1984
(JOUR) 150 ans de luttes. Histoire du mouvement ouvrier au Québec, 1980
(JOUR) 1919: The Canadian Labour Revolt, 1984
(JOUR) 1939: L 'Alliance de la dernière chance, 2002
(JOUR) 1978 : perspectives économiques et gestion sociale de l’entreprise, 1978
(JOUR) 1st, 2nd, 3rd Annual Agricultural History of Ontario Seminar Proceedings 1976, 1977, 1978, 1983
(JOUR) 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, 2015
(JOUR) A Balanced and Broad Approach to Technological Innovations, 1968
(JOUR) Abandoned Children, 2001
(JOUR) A Battle Royal: Service Work Activism and the 1961-1962 Royal York Strike, 2006
(JOUR) A Beauty That Hurts: Life and Death in Guatemala, 2002
(JOUR) Abolition and After the Paper Box Wages Council, 1984
(JOUR) Aboriginal Organizing in Saskatchewan: The Experience of CUPE, 2006
(JOUR) Aboriginals as Unwilling Immigrants: Contact, Assimilation and Labour Market Outcomes, 2002
(JOUR) A Bridge of Ships: Canadian Shipbuilding during the Second World War, 2013
(JOUR) A Brief History of Neoliberalism, 2007
(JOUR) A Brotherhood of Memory: Jewish Landsmanshaften in the New World, 1988
(JOUR) Absence Culture The Effects of Union Membership Status and Union-Management Climate, 2003
(JOUR) Absenteeism and Labour Turnover in Selected Ontario Industries, 1979
(JOUR) Absenteeism and Overtime: Double Jeopardy, 1977
(JOUR) Absentéisme et assiduité au travail: deux moyens d'adaptation au stress, 1987
(JOUR) Abstracts = Abstraits, v.3, 1978, 1978
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 1989
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 1999
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2012
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2006
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2001
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2011
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2008
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 1989
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2005
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 1988
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 1999
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, 2008
(JOUR) Abstracts / Résumés, 2015
(JOUR) Abstracts / Résumés, 2017
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.10, Fall 1982, 1984
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.11, Spring 1983
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.12, Fall 1983, 1983
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.13, Spring 1984, 1984
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 14, Fall 1984, 1984
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 15, Spring 1985, 1985
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 16, Fall 1985, 1985
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 17, Spring 1986, 1986
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 18, Fall 1986, 1986
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 19, Spring 1987, 1987
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 20, Fall 1987, 1987
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v. 21, Spring 1988, 1988
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.4, 1979, 1979
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.5, Spring 1980, 1980
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.6, Fall 1980, 1980
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.7, Spring 1981, 1981
(JOUR) Abstracts = Résumés, v.8-9, Fall 1981 & Spring 1982, 1981
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 25 (Spring/Printemps 1990), 1990
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 26 (Fall/Automne 1990), 1990
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 27 (Spring/Printemps 1991), 1991
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 28 (Fall/Automne 1991), 1991
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 29 (Spring/Printemps 1992), 1992
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 30 (Fall/Automne 1992), 1992
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 31 (Spring/Printemps 1993), 1993
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 32, Fall 1993, 1993
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 33 (Spring/Printemps 1994), 1994
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 34 (Fall/Automne 1994), 1994
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 35 (Spring/Printemps 1995), 1995
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 36 (Fall/Automne 1995), 1995
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 37 (Spring/Printemps 1996), 1996
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 38 - Joint Issue of L/LT 38 and Labour History 71; Australia and Canada: Labour Compared (Fall/Automne 1996), 1996
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 39 (Spring/Printemps 1997), 1997
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 40 (Fall/Automne 1997), 1997
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 41 (Spring/Printemps 1998), 1998
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 42 (Fall/Automne 1998), 1998
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 45 (Spring/Printemps 2000), 2000
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 46: Special Millenium Issue (Fall/Automne 2000), 2000
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 48 (Fall/Automne 2001), 2001
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 49 (Spring/Printemps 2002), 2002
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 51 (Spring/Printemps 2003), 2003
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 52 (Fall/Automne 2003), 2003
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 53 (Spring/Printemps 2004), 2004
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 54 (Fall/Automne 2004), 2004
(JOUR) Abstracts, volume 63 (Spring/Printemps 2009), 2009
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 64 (Fall/Automne 2009), 2009
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 65 (Spring/Printemps 2010), 2010
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 66 (Fall/Automne 2010), 2010
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 67, 2011
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 70 (Fall/Automne 2012)
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 71 (Spring/Printemps 2013), 2013
(JOUR) Abstracts, Volume 72 (Fall/Automne 2013), 2013
(JOUR) Abstracts, volume 73 (Spring/Printemps 2014), 2014
(JOUR) Abstracts, volume 75 (Spring/Printemps 2015), 2015
(JOUR) Abusive Events at Work among Young Working Adults: Magnitude of the Problem and its Effect on Self-Rated Health, 2004
(JOUR) Academic Bargaining: Origins and Growth, 1978
(JOUR) Academic contests? Merit pay in Canadian universities, 1998
(JOUR) Academic Freedom in Conflict: The Struggle Over Free Speech Rights in the University, 2015
(JOUR) Academic Research on Labour: Strengthening Union-University Links, 1990
(JOUR) A Canadian in Lowell: Labour, Manhood and Independence in the Early Industrial Era, 1840-1849, 2001
(JOUR) A Candle For Durruti, 2001
(JOUR) A Catalogue of Some Labour Records in Scotland and Some Scots Records outside of Scotland, 1982
(JOUR) A Catastrophe Theory of Union Behaviour, 1985
(JOUR) A Caucus of Caucuses: The Next Stage in Union Equity Organizing, 2006
(JOUR) Accident du travail et modernisation du processus de production: le cas de l'industrie forestière québécoise, 1988
(JOUR) Accidents du travail et assemblage, 1993
(JOUR) According to Baba: A Collaborative Oral History of Sudbury's Ukrainian Community, 2015
(JOUR) Accreditation and the Construction Industry : Five Approaches to Countervailing Employer Power, 1973
(JOUR) Accréditation – Compétence de la Commission des Relations du Travail quant à la détermination de l’unité de négociation, 1964
(JOUR) Accréditation syndicale – « Domination » d’un syndicat par un employeur – Demande conjointe de deux syndicats pour former la majorité dans une unité de négociation, selon le Code du Travail., 1965
(JOUR) Accroissement de la productivité et psychologie du travail, 1979
(JOUR) Achieving Public Policy Objectives through Collective Agreements: The Project Agreement Model for Public Construction in British Columbia’s Transportation Sector, 2003
(JOUR) Achieving the Right to Strike: Ontario Teachers´ Unions and Professionalist Ideology, 2009
(JOUR) A Class Act: An Illustrated History of the Labour Movement in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1988
(JOUR) "A Colourful Crowning Ceremony": Images of Class, Gender, and Beauty in World War II-Era Canadian Communism, 2017
(JOUR) A Comment on Roy J. Adams’ Proposal for a Training Levy Scheme, 1981
(JOUR) A Communist in the Council Chambers: Communist Municipal Politics, Ethnicity, and the Career of William Kolisnyk, 2009
(JOUR) A Company of One: Insecurity, Independence and the New World of White-Collar Unemployment, 2013
(JOUR) A comparative analysis of the determinants of executive compensation between Canadian and U.S. firms, 1995
(JOUR) A comparison of labour standards in the United States and Canada, 2000
(JOUR) A Comparison of the U.S. and Canadian Wage Adjustment Mechanisms : 1948-1967, 1974
(JOUR) A Comparison of Wage Determination Methods in the Americas, 1976
(JOUR) A Comparison of Weighted and Unweighted Intergroup Climate Satisfaction Scores, 1973
(JOUR) A Contest of Ideas: Capital, Politics, and Labor, 2014
(JOUR) A Countercyclical Training Programme for Canada, 1971
(JOUR) A Countercyclical Training Programme for Canada, 1971
(JOUR) A Crate of Records is like a History Book, 1995
(JOUR) A Critical Appraisal of the Economics Rationale of Government-Subsidized Manpower Training, 1970
(JOUR) A Critical Review, 2014
(JOUR) A Critique of Industrial Relations Theory, 1982
(JOUR) A Cross-Cultural Study of Worker Attitudes in a Bicultural Economic Environment, 1973
(JOUR) Action Research for Management, 1965
(JOUR) Activité économique, inflation et activité de grève, 1976
(JOUR) Activité professionnelle et responsabilités familiales : les mères sont-elles encore perdantes dans leur qualité d'emploi?, 2011
(JOUR) Activité professionnelle et responsabilités familiales: les mères sont-elles encore perdantes dans leur qualité d'emploi?, 2011
(JOUR) Activity System Model, Perceived Self-Efficacy, and Newcomer Integration Behaviour, 2007
(JOUR) Actors and Systems. The Politics of Collective Action, 1983
(JOUR) Actresses as Working Women: Their Social Identity in VictorianCulture, 1993
(JOUR) Acts of Resistance: Against the New Myths of Our Time, 1999
(JOUR) A Culture in Conflict: Skilled Workers and Industrial Capitalism in Hamilton, Ontario, 1860-1914, 1980
(JOUR) A Culture in Conflict: Skilled Workers and Industrial Capitalism in Hamilton, Ontario, 1860-1914, 1981
(JOUR) Adaptation and Innovation in Wage Payment Systems in Canada, 1971
(JOUR) Adaptation des travailleurs au progrès technique au niveau de l’entreprise, 1968
(JOUR) A Darkened House. Cholera in Nineteenth-Century Canada, 1981
(JOUR) A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution and Cooperation, 2001
(JOUR) A Death at Deer Lake: Catalyst of a Forgotten Newfoundland Work Stoppage, 1924, 1985
(JOUR) A Decade of Manpower Training and Development, 1975
(JOUR) A Dictionary of Canadian Economics, 1980
(JOUR) A Different Perspective on the “Labor Rights as Human Rights” Debate Organized Labor and Human Rights Activism in Canada, 1939-1952, 2011
(JOUR) A Disciplined Intelligence: Critical Inquiry and Canadian Thought in the Victorian Era, 1981
(JOUR) A Distilled History, 2004
(JOUR) Adjudication of Grievances in Public Service of Canada, 1973
(JOUR) Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China: Cost-Neutral Offsets
(JOUR) Adjustments to Minimum Wages in China: Cost-Neutral Offsets, 2015
(JOUR) Administering Danger In The Workplace: The Law And Politics Of Occupational and Safety Regulation In Ontario, 1850-1914, 1991
(JOUR) Administering Danger in the Workplace: The Law and Politics of Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Ontario, 1850-1914, 1992
(JOUR) Administration du travail et conflits collectifs, 1980
(JOUR) Administration industrielle et générale, 1980
(JOUR) Administrative Financial Management, 1964
(JOUR) Admissibilité du recours civil de l’ex-salarié, fondé sur la convention collective, 1969
(JOUR) A Dreamer's Paradise Lost: Louis C. Fraina/Lewis Corey (1892-1953) and the Decline of Radicalism in the United States, 1997
(JOUR) Adult Education and Union Education: Aspects of English Canadian Cultural History in the 20th Century, 1994
(JOUR) Adult Learning and Technology in Working-Class Life, 2004
(JOUR) Advancement in Quebec Research on the Prevention of Risks Related to Occupational Exposure to Nanomaterials, 2013
(JOUR) Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, Vol. 17, 2011
(JOUR) Advancing Industrial Relations Theory: An Analytical Synthesis of British-American and Pluralist-Radical Ideas, 2015
(JOUR) Advancing Industrial Relations Theory: An Analytical Synthesis of British-American and Pluralist-Radical Ideas
(JOUR) Advocate and Activist: Memoirs of an American Communist Lawyer, 1995
(JOUR) "À faire un peu de poussière:" Environmental Health and the Asbestos Strike of 1949, 2012
(JOUR) A Fair or a Minimum Wage? Women Workers, the State, and the Origins of Wage Regulation in Western Canada, 1991
(JOUR) A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World, 2009
(JOUR) A Federal Anti-Scab Law for Canada? the Debate Over Bill C-257, 2009
(JOUR) Affinité et clivage ethnique dans la direction des grandes entreprises, 1980
(JOUR) Affirmative Action Positions for Women on the Canadian Labour Congress Executive: Comments to the Advancing the Equity Agenda Conference, 2006
(JOUR) A Fishery for Modern Times: The State and the Industrialization of the Newfoundland Fishery, 1934-1968, 2002
(JOUR) A Flannel Shirt and Liberty: British Emigrant Gentlewomen in the Canadian West, 1880-1914, 1984
(JOUR) AFL-CIO's Secret War against Developing Country Workers: Solidarity or Sabotage?, 2011
(JOUR) A Fool for Christ: The Political Thought of J.S. Woodsworth, 1992
(JOUR) A Freedom Budget for All Americans: Recapturing the Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in the Struggle for Economic Justice Today, 2015
(JOUR) African Labor History ; Race, Class and Gold ; Black Mineworkers in Central Africa ; Chibaro, 1981
(JOUR) Africans and the Industrial Revolution in England: A Study in International Trade and Economic Development, 2003
(JOUR) African unions under structural adjustment programs, 1998
(JOUR) A Friend in Need or a Business Indeed?: Disabled Bodies and Fraternalism in Victorian Ontario, 2010
(JOUR) After Chartism: Class and nation in English radical politics, 1848-1874, 1994
(JOUR) After Civil Rights: Racial Realism in the New American Workplace, 2014
(JOUR) After Industrial Citizenship: Market Citizenship or Citizenship at Work?, 2005
(JOUR) After Lean Production: Evolving Employment Practices in the World Auto Industry, 1998
(JOUR) After Marxism, 1998
(JOUR) After Slavery: Black Labour and the Postwar Southern Economy, 1981
(JOUR) After the Developers, 1981
(JOUR) After the Rebellion: Black Youth, Social Movement Activism, and the Post-Civil Rights Generation, 2015
(JOUR) After the Strike : Changing the Teacher-Board Relationship, 1989
(JOUR) After the strike - Labour relations in Oshawa, 1937-1939, 1993
(JOUR) A Future Without Hate or Need: The Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada, 2017
(JOUR) Against Essentialism: Latin American Labour History in Comparative Perspective. A Critique of Bergquist, 1991
(JOUR) Against the Market: Political Economy, Market Socialism and the Marxist Critique, 1996
(JOUR) Age des operateurs et travail repetitif: une approche demographique et ergonomique, 1995
(JOUR) Âge des opérateurs et travail répétitif : une approche démographique et ergonomique
(JOUR) Age et rapport au travail parmi le personnel enseignant des commissions scolaires du Quebec, 1995
(JOUR) Âge et rapport au travail parmi le personnel enseignant des commissions scolaires du Québec, 1995
(JOUR) Age, Gender, and Work: Small Information Technology Firms in the New Economy, 2013
(JOUR) Ageing Labour Forces - Promises and Prospects, 2008
(JOUR) Ageing Labour Forces: Promises and Prospects, 2010
(JOUR) A Generation of Boomers: The Pattern of Railroad Labour Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America, 1989
(JOUR) Age-related injuries among male and female assembly workers: A study in the Swedish automobile industry, 1997
(JOUR) A German Employee Network and Union Renewal: The Siemenskonflikt, 2007
(JOUR) A Glowing Dream: A Memoir, 2008
(JOUR) Agnes Heller: Socialism, Autonomy and the Postmodern, 2003
(JOUR) Agnes Macphail and Canadian Working Women, 1991
(JOUR) "A Good Poor Man's Wife"-Being a Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth Century New England, 1983
(JOUR) A Great Restlessness: The Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen, 2007
(JOUR) Agriculture and Environmental History, 2002
(JOUR) Agriculture and the Public Interest Toward a New Farm Program, 1965
(JOUR) A Guide To Organizing Unions, 1991
(JOUR) 'A Happy Holiday': English Canadians and Transatlantic Tourism, 1870-1930, 2010
(JOUR) A Hard Man to Beat - The Story of Bill White, Labour Leader, Historian, Shipyard Worker, Raconteur: An Oral History, 1985
(JOUR) A Hard Rain Fell: SDS and Why It Failed, 2009
(JOUR) A History of British Trade Unions since 1889, 1966
(JOUR) A History of Canadian Culture, 2012
(JOUR) A History of Legal Exclusion: Labour Relations Laws and British Columbia's Agricultural Workers, 1937-1975, 2014
(JOUR) A History of Migration from Germany to Canada 1850-1939, 2007
(JOUR) A History of the French Working Class. Vol. I/ The Age of Artisan Revolution 1815-1871, vol. II/Workers and the Bourgeois Republic 1871-1839, 1996
(JOUR) A History of Workmen's Compensation, 1898-1915: From Courtroom to Boardroom, 1998
(JOUR) AIDS Activist, Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community, 2004
(JOUR) AIDS : Need for Policy in the Workplace, 1989
(JOUR) Ain’t Got No Home: America’s Great Migrations and the Making of An Interracial Left, 2015
(JOUR) Alabama North: African-American Migrants, Community, and Working-Class Activism in Cleveland, 1915-1945, 2001
(JOUR) A Labour Force for the Consumer Century: Commodification in Canada's Largest Department Stores, 1890 to 1940, 2006
(JOUR) A Labour History of Ireland, 1824-2000, 2013
(JOUR) A Ladder Up: Ontario Firefighters´ Wages in Neoliberal Times, 2009
(JOUR) A la jonction du mouvement ouvrier et du mouvement des femmes: la Ligue auxiliaire de l'Association internationale des machinistes, Canada, 1903-1980, 1992
(JOUR) À la recherche d'un monde oublié. Les communautés religieuses de femmes au Québec, de 1900 à 1970, 1993
(JOUR) Alberta Labour: A Heritage Untold, 1981
(JOUR) Alberta's 2002 Teacher Strike: The Political Economy of Labor Relations in Education, 2010
(JOUR) Alberta's Construction Labour Relations During the Recent Downturn, 1986
(JOUR) Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, 1983, 1985
(JOUR) Al Campbell and the Left: Building UAW/CAW Local, 2010
(JOUR) Ale, Beer and Brewsters in England: Women's Work in a Changing World, 1300-1600, 1998
(JOUR) À l’enseigne du droit social belge, 1983
(JOUR) Alexander Herzen and the Role of the Intellectual Revolutionary, 1982
(JOUR) Alexander Shlyapnikov, 1885–1937: Life of an Old Bolshevik, 2017
(JOUR) Alexandra Kollontai and the Fate of Bolshevik Feminism, 1993
(JOUR) Alex in Wonderland, 1995
(JOUR) Alienation Among Professional Engineers: A Canadian-American Comparison, 1982
(JOUR) Alien Nation: Chinese Migration in the Americas from the Coolie Era through World War II, 2017
(JOUR) A Life in Balance? Reopening the Family-Work Debate, 2013
(JOUR) A Life in Balance? Reopening the Family-Work Debate, 2013
(JOUR) A Life of Struggles, 2012
(JOUR) "A Link Between Labour and Learning": The Workers Educational Association in Ontario, 1917-1951, 1981
(JOUR) A Litmus Test for Democracy: The Impact of Ontario Welfare Changes on Single Mothers, 2001
(JOUR) A Living Wage Lifts Workers and the Economy, 2014
(JOUR) All-American Anarchist: Joseph A. Labadie and the Labor Movement, 1999
(JOUR) All Hell Can't Stop Us: The On-to-Ottawa Trek and the Regina Riot, 2006
(JOUR) Alliance Building to Create Change: The Women´s Movement and the 1982 CUPW Strike, 2012
(JOUR) Allies across the Border: Mexico's "Authentic Labour Front" and Global Solidarity, 2001
(JOUR) All Solid Along The Line: The Reid Newfoundland Strike of 1918, 1990
(JOUR) "All That Our Hands Have Done" ; A Pictorial History of the Hamilton Workers, 1983
(JOUR) All the Atlantic Mountains Shook, 1982
(JOUR) All the People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America, 2013
(JOUR) Almost Home: Reforming Home and Community Care in Ontario, 2006
(JOUR) Along a River. The First French-Canadian Women., 2014
(JOUR) Along the No. 20 Line : Reminiscences of the Vancouver Waterfront, 1983
(JOUR) Alternative models of industrial relations graduate programs in Canadian and U. S. universities, 1993
(JOUR) Alternatives to Lean Production: Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry, 1995
(JOUR) Alternatives to Lean Production. Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry, 1993
(JOUR) Alternatives to lean production: work organization in the Swedish auto industry // Review, 1993
(JOUR) Always Be Closing, 2006
(JOUR) A Machinist's Semi-Automated Life, 1986
(JOUR) A Macro/Micro Decision Model for the Training and Development Specialist, 1982
(JOUR) A Manual for Employees-Management Co-operation in the Federal Service, 1967
(JOUR) A Marriage of Convenience: Business and Social Work in Toronto 1918-1957, 1996
(JOUR) A Marxist Classic, 1984
(JOUR) Ambivalent Friends: Afro-Americans View The Immigrant, 1985
(JOUR) A Measure of Fairness: The Economics of Living Wages and Minimum Wages in the United States, 2009
(JOUR) Amélioration ou polarisation ? Évolution de la structure et de la qualité des emplois au Québec et au Canada, 1997-2013, 2016
(JOUR) Amendements au Code du travail du Québec (Bill 50), 1969
(JOUR) American Anarchism, 2014
(JOUR) American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century, 2002
(JOUR) American Gandhi: A.J. Muste and the History of Radicalism in the Twentieth Century, 2016
(JOUR) American Labor and Economic Citizenship: New Capitalism from World War 1 to the Great Depression, 2017
(JOUR) American Labor and Postwar Italy, 1943-1953: A Study in Cold War Politics, 1990
(JOUR) American Labor, Congress, and the Welfare State, 1935-2010, 2013
(JOUR) American Labour's Longue Durée: Class Conflicts (and the lack of them) in Cincinnati, 1988
(JOUR) American Multinationals in Europe: Managing Employment Relations across National Borders, 2006
(JOUR) American Prophets: Seven Religious Radicals and their Struggle for Social and Political Justice, 2017
(JOUR) American Railroad Labor and the Genesis of the New Deal, 1919-1935, 2012
(JOUR) American Rubber Workers and Organized Labor, 1900-1941, 1990
(JOUR) Americans and Their Servants: Domestic Service in the United States from 1800-1920, 1984
(JOUR) American Science in an Age of Anxiety: Scientists, Anticommunism and the Cold War, 2001
(JOUR) American Technology and the British Vehicle industry, 1989
(JOUR) American Technology and the British Vehicle Industry, 1988
(JOUR) American Transfer Policies : Costs and Benefits, 1971
(JOUR) American Vanguard: The United Auto Workers During the Reuther Years, 2007
(JOUR) American Workers and Justice in the Global Order, 2000
(JOUR) American Working Class History : A Representative Biography, 1984
(JOUR) America's Assembly Line, 2015
(JOUR) A Meta-Analysis of Some Determinants of Union Voting Intent, 1992
(JOUR) A Microeconometric Analysis of the Effects of Strikes on Wages, 1986
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(JOUR) A Naive Argument, 1974
(JOUR) Analyse coûts-bénéfices de fermetures d’entreprises, 1977
(JOUR) Analyse critique de la typologie des choix de carrière, 1991
(JOUR) Analyse de l'activite et cooperation des acteurs de la conception, 1995
(JOUR) Analyse de l'activité et coopération des acteurs de la conception, 1995
(JOUR) Analyse de la relation entre les dispositions personnelles et le conflit travail-famille, 2010
(JOUR) Analyse de l'impartition en gestion des ressources humaines : déterminants, activités visées et efficacité, 2000
(JOUR) Analyse des composantes de la charge de travail perçue par les cadres dans un contexte de gestion des compétences, 2016
(JOUR) Analyse des conduites de salariés en transition de fin de carrière: Le cas de travailleurs et travailleuses en situation d'emploi atypique, 2007
(JOUR) Analyse des processus menant à des changements dans une entreprise du secteur aéronautique : vers un modèle d’évaluation des interventions ergonomiques, 2016
(JOUR) Analyse du travail et elaboration des programmes de formation professionelle, 2001
(JOUR) Analyse du travail et élaboration des programmes de formation professionnelle, 2001
(JOUR) Analyse du travail repetitif dans le secteur agro-alimentaire: apport de la demarche ergonomique, 1995
(JOUR) Analyse du travail répétitif dans le secteur agro-alimentaire : apport de la démarche ergonomique, 1995
(JOUR) Analyse empirique des décisions de rémunération de la Commission de lutte contre l’inflation, 1980
(JOUR) Analyse socio-économique d'une grève, 1986
(JOUR) Analysing Jobs, 1980
(JOUR) Analyzing Digital Narratives as Global Social Work Texts: A Case Study of “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Social Worker”, 2016
(JOUR) Analyzing Exclusion in Global Worker Health Policy, 2016
(JOUR) Analyzing the history of Women's Politics in the Shadow of the Millennium, 1999
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(JOUR) An Analysis of Annual Turnover Rates for Canadian Union Presidents, 1977
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(JOUR) An Economic Critique of Current Technological Change Displacement Techniques, 1971
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(JOUR) An Economic, Political and Industrial Strategy for Labour, 1978
(JOUR) A Needle, A Bobbin, A Strike: Women Needleworkers in America, 1986
(JOUR) An Empirical Analysis of Substitution Between Engineers and Technicians in Canada, 1970
(JOUR) An Empirical Assessment of Organizational Commitment Using the Side-Bet Theory Approach, 1992
(JOUR) An "Entirely Different" Kind of Union: The Service, Office, and Retail Workers' Union of Canada (SORWUC), 1972-1986, 2014
(JOUR) An Environmental History of Canada, 2014
(JOUR) An Era of Wildcats and Sick-outs in Canada? The Continued Decline of Industrial Pluralism and the Case of Air Canada, 2014
(JOUR) A New Approach to Regulating Temporary Agency Work in Ontario or Back to the Future?, 2010
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(JOUR) An Exploratory Study of Graduate Student Unions in Canada, 2005
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(JOUR) Animals, Work, and the Promise of Interspecies Solidarity, 2017
(JOUR) 'An Impartial Umpire': Industrial Relations and the Canadian State, 1900-1911, 1981
(JOUR) An Impartial Umpire : Industrial Relations and the Canadian State 1900-1911, 1982
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