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Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) " Have You No Manhood In You?": Gender and Class in the Cape Breton Coal Towns, 1920-1926, 1994
(JOUR) " The Bonds of Unity": A Comment, 1983
(JOUR) " The Bonds of Unity": Some Further Reflections, 1983
(JOUR) "A Colourful Crowning Ceremony": Images of Class, Gender, and Beauty in World War II-Era Canadian Communism, 2017
(JOUR) "A Good Poor Man's Wife"-Being a Chronicle of Harriet Hanson Robinson and Her Family in Nineteenth Century New England, 1983
(JOUR) "A Link Between Labour and Learning": The Workers Educational Association in Ontario, 1917-1951, 1981
(JOUR) "A Much-needed Class of Labour": The Economy and Income of the Southern Interior Plateau Indians, 1897-1910, 1986
(JOUR) "A Seemingly Incongruous Alliance": Trotskylsts and Teamsters in 1934, 2014
(JOUR) "All That Our Hands Have Done" ; A Pictorial History of the Hamilton Workers, 1983
(JOUR) "An umbrella full of holes?" Corporate Restructuring, Redundancy and the Effectiveness of ICE Regulations, 2009
(JOUR) "Arise Ye Wretched of the Earth": The First International in a Global Perspective, 2019
(JOUR) "Audacity, audacity, still more audacity": Tim Buck, the Party, and the People, 1932-1939, 2002
(JOUR) "Beauty and the Helldivers": Representing Women's Work and Identities in a Warplant Newspaper, 1999
(JOUR) "By Wisdom, Wile or War:" The Provincial Workmen's Association and the Struggle for Working-Class Independence in Nova Scotia, 1879-97, 1986
(JOUR) "Canada Needs All Our Food-Power": Industrial Nutrition in Canada, 1941–1948, 2019
(JOUR) "Character Weaknesses" and "Fruit Machines": Towards an Analysis of The Anti-Homosexual Security Campaign in the Canadian Civil Service, 1995
(JOUR) "Chrysler Pulled The Trigger": Competing Understandings of Workplace Violence During the 1970s and Radical Legal Practice, 2014
(JOUR) "Cracking the Stone": The Long History of Capitalist Crisis and Toronto's Dispossessed, 1830-1930, 2012
(JOUR) "Fading Beams of the Nineteenth Century:" Radicalism and Early Socialism in Canada's 1890s, 1980
(JOUR) "Freedom" of Information in Canada: Implications for Historical Research, 2015
(JOUR) "From Fordist Worker Resistance to Post-Fordist Capitalist Hegemony?", 1997
(JOUR) "Good Hands, Stout Heart, and Fast Feet": The History and Culture of Working People in Early America, 1982
(JOUR) "Hands-off Labour Forum": The Making and Unmaking of National Working-Class Radio Broadcasting in Canada, 1935-1944, 1995
(JOUR) "Hard-working, Temperate and Peaceable:" The Portrayal of Workers in Canadian History Textbooks, Monographs in Education IV, 1982
(JOUR) "Heal Thyself" Managing Health Care Reform, 2001