Labour Studies Index
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(BOOK) A Memoir of the Spanish Civil War: An Armenian-Canadian in the Lincoln Battalion, 2000
(BOOK) A Square Deal for All: Historical Essays on Labour in Brandon, 2000
(BOOK) A Very Red Life: The Story of Bill Walsh, 2001
(BOOK) Class, Community, and the Labour Movement Wales and Canada, 1850-1930, 1989
(BOOK) Cold Warrior: C.S. Jackson and the United Electrical Workers, 1997
(BOOK) Confrontation, Struggle and Transformation: Organized Labour in the St. Catharines Area, 2007
(BOOK) For a Working-Class Culture in Canada: a Selection of Colin McKay's Writings on Sociology and Political Economy, 1897-1939, 1996
(BOOK) Labour Landmarks in New Brunswick = Lieux historiques ouvriers au Nouveau-Brunswick, 2010
(BOOK) My Past is Now: Further Memoirs of a Labour Lawyer, 1994
(BOOK) The Struggle Against Wage Controls: The Saint John Story, 1975-1976, 2006
(BOOK) The Woman Worker, 1926-1929, 1999
(BOOK) Workers' Control on the Railroad: A Practical Example "Right Under Your Nose", 1994