Labour Studies Index
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(JOUR) Bargaining : Monopoly versus Union Power, 1973
(JOUR) Beyond the National Divide : Regional Dimensions of Industrial Relations, 2006
(JOUR) Capital et travail, 1978
(JOUR) Capital et travail (la collaboration de classes dans le mouvement syndical), 1978
(JOUR) City Employee Bargaining with a Divided Management, 1973
(JOUR) Cleared for Takeoff : Airline Labour Relations since Deregulation, 1989
(JOUR) Collective Bargaining by Public Employees in Canada : Five Models, 1973
(JOUR) Collective Bargaining in Government (Readings and Cases), 1972
(JOUR) Collective Bargaining in Public Employment and the Merit System, 1972
(JOUR) Collective Bargaining in the Public Service, 1973
(JOUR) Conflict or compromise : The Future of Public Sector Industrial Relations, 1985
(JOUR) Deux systèmes de relations industrielles en Belgique, 1980
(JOUR) Dispute Settlement in the Public Sector, 1973
(JOUR) Disputes Procedure in Action, 1973
(JOUR) Employeurs-employés, 1974
(JOUR) Government as Employer, 1973
(JOUR) Government Employees and Collective Bargaining, Hawaii PERB : Year One, 1973
(JOUR) Great Myths of Economics, 1968
(JOUR) Guaranteed Income for the Unemployed, The Story of SUB, 1969
(JOUR) Hommage à Noah Meltz, 2002
(JOUR) Industrialism and Industrial Man Reconsidered, 1975
(JOUR) Industrial Relations in Canadian Industries, 1992
(JOUR) Industrial relations theory: its nature, scope and pedagogy, 1994
(JOUR) Labor and American Politics, 1979
(JOUR) Labor and Management, the Great Contemporary Issues, 1975