Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) A Decade of Manpower Training and Development, 1975
(JOUR) A tribute to Jack Barbash, 1911-1994 = Hommage à Jack Barbash, 1911-1994, 1994
(JOUR) Automation and Economic Progress, 1967
(JOUR) CETA: Manpower Programs Under Local Control, 1979
(JOUR) Career Education, 1975
(JOUR) Code du travail F.M., lois connexes et règlements, 1983
(JOUR) Collective Bargaining and the Challenge of New Technology, 1973
(JOUR) Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Economics of Investment in Human Resources : an Annotated Bibliography, 1971
(JOUR) Counter Point : The Changing Employement Service, 1975
(JOUR) Days of Our Years with Labor, 1967
(JOUR) Determination of the Appropriate Bargaining Unit, by Labour Relations Boards in Canada, 1967
(JOUR) Doctors and Nurses in Industry, 1967
(JOUR) Does Training Work for Displaced Workers? A Survey of Existing Evidence; Back to Work: Testing Reemployment Services for Displaced Workers, 1991
(JOUR) Equity and Efficiency Effects from Manpower Programs, 1974
(JOUR) Ethics for an Industrial Age : A Christian Inquiry, 1968
(JOUR) Federalism and Policy Development : The Case of Adult Occupational Training in Ontario, 1974
(JOUR) Getting the Goods: Ports, Labor, and the Logistics Revolution, 2010
(JOUR) Hommage à Gérard Dion, 1912-1990 = Gerard Dion, 1912-1990. A tribute, 1991
(JOUR) Hommage à Jack Barbash, 1911-1994, 1994
(JOUR) Human Resources as the Wealth of Nations, 1974
(JOUR) Information = Note to readers, 1997
(JOUR) Investment in Human Resources and Manpower Planning, 1973
(JOUR) Kohler on Strike, 1967
(JOUR) L'arbitrage de première convention collective au Québec: 1978-1984, 1987
(JOUR) L'avenir des relations industrielles dans les Amériques: Introduction, 1989