Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) Bringing Canada's Wagner Act regime into compliance with international human rights law and the Charter., 2015
(JOUR) Competing Paradigms in Industrial Relations, 1983
(JOUR) Constitutional Labour Rights in Canada: Farm Workers and the Fraser Case: A Critical Review, 2014
(JOUR) Employment Standards in Ontatio: An Industrial Relations Systems Analysis, 1987
(JOUR) Faculty Unionism and Collegial Decision-Making, 1976
(JOUR) Firms as Political Entities – Saving Democracy through Economic Bicameralism, 2018
(JOUR) From Statutory Right to Human Right: The Evolution and Current Status of Collective Bargaining, 2008
(JOUR) I-Mode, The New Language of Workers' Rights: A Rejoinder to Larry Savage, 2008
(JOUR) Industrial Relations in Europe. The Imperatives of Change ; Economic Crisis. Trade Unions and the State, 1987
(JOUR) Industrial Relations in the Future. Trends and Possibilities in Britain over the Next Decade, 1987
(JOUR) Industrial relations theory: its nature, scope and pedagogy, 1994
(JOUR) International and Comparative Employment Relations: Globalization and the Developed Market Economies, 2004
(BOOK) Labour Left Out: Canada's Failure to Protect and Promote Collective Bargaining as a Human Right, 2005
(JOUR) Labour and Employment Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary, 8th ed., 2012
(JOUR) Management And Labour In Europe, 1991
(JOUR) On the convergence of labour rights and human rights, 2001
(JOUR) Organizing Wal-Mart: The Canadian Campaign, 2005
(BOOK) Public-Sector Labour Relations in an Era of Restraint and Restructuring, 2001
(JOUR) Solidarity, Self-Interest and the Unionization Differential Between Europe and North America, 1974
(JOUR) The Code of International Labour Law, 2006
(JOUR) The Extent of Collective Bargaining in Canada, 1984
(JOUR) The Federal Government and Tripartism, 1982
(JOUR) The Work of the Trade Union Field Officer, 1977
(JOUR) Toward a More Competent Labour Force: A Training Levy Scheme for Canada, 1980
(JOUR) What Workers Say: Employee Voice in the Anglo-American Workplace, 2008