Labour Studies Index
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(JOUR) Psychology of Work Behavior, 1985
(JOUR) Quality Circles. A Guide to Participation and Productivity, 1985
(JOUR) Sociologie des conflits du travail, 1983
(JOUR) Socio-Political Implications of Job Reform, 1979
(JOUR) The American Samurai. Blending American and Japanese Managerial Practices, 1986
(JOUR) The Case for Bureaucracy : A Public Administration Polemic, 1985
(JOUR) The Change Masters. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the American Corporation, 1985
(JOUR) The Future of Work, 1983
(JOUR) The Humanisation of Work, 1984
(JOUR) The Individual, Work and Organization. Behavioural Studies in Business and Management Students, 1989
(JOUR) The Japanese Industrial System, 1984
(JOUR) The Nature of Work. An Introduction to Dabates on the labour Process, 1984
(JOUR) The Obsolescence of Bureaucracy, 1980
(JOUR) The Priority of Labour. A Commentary on Laborem exercens, Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II, 1982
(JOUR) The Quality of Working Life in Western and Eastern Europe, 1981
(JOUR) The Social Organization of Industrial Conflict. Control and Resistance in the Workplace, 1983
(JOUR) The Sociology Of Management, 1991
(JOUR) The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism, 1992
(JOUR) The Tyranny of Work Alienation and the Labour Process, 1988
(JOUR) The Working Conditions in Canadian Hospitals. Constraints and Opportunity, 1984
(JOUR) The Zero-Sum Society. Distribution and the Possibilities for Economic Change, 1981
(JOUR) Thriving on Chaos. Handbook for a Managerial Revolution, 1989
(JOUR) Trade Unions : The logic of Collective Action ; The Economics of Trade Unions, 1984
(JOUR) Under Japanese Management. The Experience of British Workers, 1984
(JOUR) Upward Mobility, 1984