Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) A Passion for Excellence. The Leadership Difference; Reinventing the Corporation. Transforming Your Job and Your Company for the New Information Society, 1986
(JOUR) A Portrait of Bureaucracy. The Bankruptcy of the Socialist System in Poland, 1993
(JOUR) Actors and Systems. The Politics of Collective Action, 1983
(JOUR) British and Norwegian Offshore Industrial Relations : Pluralism and Neo-Corporatism as Contexts of Strategic Adaptation, 1990
(JOUR) Brooks, Stephen & Andrew Stritch. Business And Government In Canada // Review, 1991
(JOUR) Capitalism and Modernity: An Excursus on Marx and Weber, 1991
(JOUR) Capitalism vs Socialism? Canadian and Swedish Labour Market Policies Compared, 1989
(JOUR) Cheats at Work. An Anthropology of Workplace Crime, 1986
(JOUR) Comparative Industrial Relations : Ideologies, Institutions, Practices and Problems under Social Systems with Special Reference to Socialist Planned Economies, 1985
(JOUR) Control in Business Organization, 1985
(JOUR) Designing Effective Organizations. The Sociotechnical Systems Perspective, 1989
(JOUR) Die Polnishe Diskussion un die Arbeiterräte / Polish Discussion on the Works councils, 1979
(JOUR) Employment Injuries and Occupational Illness 1972-1981, 1984
(JOUR) From Socialism to Market Economy: The Transition Period, 1993
(JOUR) Gain and Equity Sharing. Quality of Working Life, 1984
(JOUR) Group Process. An Introduction to Group Dynamics, 1986
(JOUR) Grupa pracownicza jako przedmiot i podmiot motywowania [Polish] [Work Group as an Object and Subject of Stimulation], 1990
(JOUR) Improving Productivity and the Quality of Work Life, 1982
(JOUR) Industrial Democracy in Western Europe, A North American Perspective, 1979
(JOUR) Labour-Management Cooperation in Canada, 1988
(JOUR) Managing Technological Development. Strategic and Human Resources Issues, 1989
(JOUR) Mitarbeiter beteiligung. Grundlagen - Befunde - Modelle [Employee participation. Basics - Findings - Models], 1987
(JOUR) New Forms of Work Organization and their Social and Economic Development, 1987
(JOUR) Participative Systems at Work : Creating Quality and Employment Security, 1988
(JOUR) Personnel Management in Canada, 1984