Labour Studies Index
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(JOUR) Breaking from Taylorism: Changing Forms of Work in the Automobile Industry, 1995
(JOUR) Canadian Labour in Crisis: Reinventing the Workers' Movement, 2012
(JOUR) Cooperation and Conflict in Occupational Safety and Health: A Multination Study of The Automotive Industry, 1991
(CHAP) Employment Strain, Precarious Employment, and Temporary Employment Agencies, 2007
(JOUR) Empowerment As a Trojan Horse: New Systems of Work Organization in the North American Automobile Industry, 2001
(JOUR) From Dust to DUST to Dust: Asbestos and the Struggle for Worker Health and Safety at Bendix Automotive, 2000
(JOUR) From Job Strain To Employment Strain: Health Effects Of Precarious Employment, 2003
(RPRT) Getting Left Behind: Who gained and who didn't in an improving labour market, 2018
(JOUR) Has There Been a She-covery? The Financial Crisis of 2008 and Its Impact on the Ontario Labour Market, 2013
(JOUR) Innovation and Management Control: Labour Relations at BL [British Leyland] Cars, 1987
(JOUR) Is Precarious Employment Low Income Employment? The Changing Labour Market in Southern Ontario, 2014
(MGZN) It's About More than Wages: The Social Impact of Precarious Employment, 2014
(RPRT) It's More Than Poverty: Employment Precarity and Household Well-Being, 2013
(JOUR) Managing the Human Factor: The Early Years of Human Resource Management in American Industry, 2010
(JOUR) Markets, Firms, and the Management of Labour in Modern Britain, 1993
(CHAP) Patterns of Labour Control and the Erosion of Labour Standards: Towards an International Study of the Quality of Working Life in the Automobile Industry (Canada, Japan and the UK), 2004
(ELEC) Poverty & Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario Project (PEPSO), 2015
(JOUR) Precarious Employment and Social Outcomes, 2014
(BOOK) Precarious Employment: Causes, Consequences and Remedies, 2017
(JOUR) Quality of working life in the automobile industry: A Canada-UK comparative study, 2001
(JOUR) Social Murder and Other Shortcomings of Conservative Economics, 2009
(JOUR) The experience of employment strain and activation among temporary agency workers in Canada, 2017
(CHAP) The Limits and Possibilities of the Structures and Procedures for Health and Safety Regulation in Ontario, Canada, 2013
(JOUR) The Limits of Voice: Are Workers Afraid to Express Their Health and Safety Rights?, 2013
(RPRT) The precarity penalty: the impact of employment precarity on individuals, households and communities - and what to do about it, 2015