Labour Studies Index
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(CHAP) Changing Patterns in the Literature of Climate Change and Canadian Work: The Research of Academic, Government and Social Actors, 2013
(CHAP) Climate Change and Labour in the Energy Sector, 2013
(CHAP) Climate Change and Work and Employment in the Canadian Postal and Courier Sector, 2013
(BOOK) Climate@Work, 2013
(CHAP) Climate, Work and Labour: The International Context, 2013
(JOUR) Conflict or Compromise? The Future of Public Sector Industrial Relations, 1986
(CHAP) International Trade Agreements and the Ontario Green Energy Act: Opportunities and Obstacles, 2013
(JOUR) La Population syndiquée au Québec, 1989
(CHAP) The Forestry Industry, 2013
(CHAP) The Impact of Climate Change on Employment and Skills Requirements in the Construction Industry, 2013
(JOUR) The Renaissance of Homeworking in Developed Economies, 1983
(CHAP) The Transportation Equipment Industry, 2013
(CHAP) Tourism, Climate Change and the Missing Worker: Uneven Impacts, Institutions and Response, 2013
(JOUR) Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream, 2006