Labour Studies Index
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(THES) Organized labour and the constitutional question, 2006
(CHAP) Organized Labour and the Politics of Strategic Voting, 2012
(JOUR) Organized labour and the shifting landscape of local politics in Ontario, 2014
(JOUR) Organized Labour, Campaign Finance, and the Politics of Strategic Voting in Ontario, 2017
(CHAP) Organizing Against the Odds: Anti-Unionism in Niagara's Casino Gaming Sector, 2018
(CHAP) Organizing Migrant and Immigrant Workers in Canada, 2012
(JOUR) Organizing the Ivory Tower: The Unionization of the Brock University Faculty Association, 2012
(CHAP) Paradox of Professionalism: Unions and Professionals in the Public Sector, The, 2013
(CHAP) Public Sector Unions and Electoral Politics in Canada, 2013
(BOOK) Public Sector Unions in the Age of Austerity, 2013
(CHAP) Québec Labour: Days of Glory or the Same Old Story?, 2012
(CHAP) Renewing Public Sector Unions, 2013
(BOOK) Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada, 2012
(CHAP) Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada: An Introduction, 2012
(JOUR) Schools of Democracy: A Political History of the American Labor Movement, 2007
(CHAP) Social Unionism and Union Power in Public Sector Unions, 2013
(CHAP) Social Unionism, Partnership and Conflict: Union Engagement with Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 2012
(JOUR) Solidarity Revisited: Organized Labour and the New Democratic Party, 2011
(CHAP) The New Democratic Party in the Era of Neoliberalism, 2012
(BOOK) Union Power: Solidarity and Struggle in Niagara, 2012
(CHAP) Unions, Gender Equity and Neoconservative Politics, 2012
(BOOK) Unions in Court: Organized Labour and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 2017
(CHAP) Unions in the Nonprofit Social Services: Gendered Resistance, 2013
(CHAP) When Your Boss is the State: The Paradoxes of Public Sector Work, 2013
(JOUR) Workers' Rights as Human Rights: Organized Labor and Rights Discourse in Canada, 2009