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Updated: 2021-01-05
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(JOUR) Captive Audience Meetings and Forced Listening: Lessons for Canada from the American Experience, 2008
(CHAP) Collective Bargaining for Teachers in Ontario: Central Power, Local Responsibility, 2012
(CHAP) Conflict Without Compromise: The Case of Public Sector Teacher Bargaining in British Columbia, 2012
(CHAP) Crosscurrents: Comparative Review of Elementary and Secondary Teacher Collective Bargaining Structures in Canada, 2012
(BOOK) Dynamic Negotiations: Teacher Labour Relations in Canadian Elementary and Secondary Education, 2012
(JOUR) Fairness and Opportunity for Choice: The Employee Free Choice Act and the Canadian Model, 2009
(JOUR) Just Notice Reform: Enhanced Statutory Termination Provisions for the 99%, 2017
(CHAP) K-12 Collective Bargaining in Newfoundland and Labrador, 2012
(CHAP) Labour Relations in the Quebec K-11 Education Sector: Labour Regulation Under Centralization, 2012
(CHAP) Oil and Ideology: The Transformation of K-12 Bargaining in Alberta, 2012
(JOUR) Public Sector Industrial Relations in Canada: Does It Threaten or Sustain Democracy, 2012
(JOUR) Roundtable on re-imagining forms and approaches to workplace representation: Introduction, 2017
(JOUR) Should Congress Pass the Employee Free Choice Act? Some Neighborly Advice, 2009
(JOUR) Structuring Reality So That the Law Will Follow: British Columbia Teachers' Quest for Collective Bargaining Rights, 2011
(CHAP) Teacher Collective Bargaining in Manitoba, 2012
(CHAP) The Centralization of Collective Bargaining in Ontario's Public Education Sector and the Need to Balance Stakeholder Interests, 2012
(CHAP) The Evolution of Teacher Bargaining in Ontario, 2012
(CHAP) The Great Divide: School Politics and Labour Relations in British Columbia Before and After 1972, 2012