Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2021-01-05
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(JOUR) America's Assembly Line, 2015
(JOUR) Canada: A History in Photographs, 1983
(JOUR) Communists, Gangsters, and Canadian Sailors, 1989
(JOUR) Embattled Shadows: A History of Canadian Cinema, 1983
(JOUR) Industrial Relations Under Liberal Democracy: North America in Comparative Perspective, 1998
(JOUR) Labourism and the Canadian Working Class, 1984
(BOOK) Lunch-Bucket Lives: Remaking the Workers' City, 2015
(JOUR) Manhood on the Line: Working-Class Masculinities in the American Heartland, 2017
(CHAP) National Contours: Solidarity and Fragmentation, 1998
(JOUR) Steel and Steel-workers: The Sons of Vulcan, 1985
(JOUR) Steel at the Sault: Francis H. Clergue, Sir James Dunn, and the Algoma Steel Corporation, 1901-1956, 1987
(JOUR) The Anatomy of Work: A Review Essay, 1982
(JOUR) The CIO, 1935-1955, 1999
(BOOK) The Canadian Labour Movement: A Brief History, 1996
(BOOK) The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History, 2012
(JOUR) The Crisis of the Craftsman: Hamilton's Metal Workers in the Early Twentieth Century, 1980
(JOUR) The Labour Historian and Public History, 2000
(JOUR) The Mill: A Worker's Memoir from 1945 to 1948, 1999
(JOUR) The Real Dope: Social, Legal, and Historical Perspectives on the Regulation of Drugs in Canada, 2013
(BOOK) The Workers' Revolt in Canada, 1917-1925, 1998
(BOOK) The workers' revolt in Canada, 1917-1925, 1998
(JOUR) Towards Synthesis in Canadian Working-Class History: Reflections on Bryan Palmer's Rethinking, 1993
(BOOK) Working in Steel: The Early Years in Canada, 1883-1935, 2008
(BOOK) Working lives: Essays in Canadian working class history, 2018