Labour Studies Index

Updated: 2022-05-16
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(JOUR) American Labor and Economic Citizenship: New Capitalism from World War 1 to the Great Depression, 2017
(JOUR) Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization, 2016
(JOUR) Defying Expectations: The Case of UFCW Local 401, 2018
(JOUR) Employment Regimes and the Quality of Work, 2009
(JOUR) Frontiers of Labor: Comparative Histories of the United States and Australia, 2018
(JOUR) Hard Labor: The Battle that Birthed the Billion-Dollar NBA, 2018
(JOUR) I Am Not a Tractor: How Florida Farmworkers Took on the Fast Food Giants and Won, 2019
(JOUR) International unionism's competitive edge: FIFPro and the European treaty, 2003
(JOUR) Lost Champions: Four Men, Two Teams, and the Breaking of Pro Football’s Color Line, 2017
(JOUR) Maurice Blackburn: Champion of the People, 2020
(JOUR) Neoliberal Labour Governments and the Union Response: The Politics of the End of Labourism, 2017
(JOUR) Not for Long: The Life and Times of the NFL Athlete, 2019
(JOUR) Playing for Dollars: Labor Relations and the Sports Business, 1996
(JOUR) Sports and Labor in the United States, 2016
(JOUR) Strikes: Causes, Conduct and Consequences, 1995
(JOUR) The Employment Relationship in Australia, 1996
(JOUR) The Great Cowboy Strike: Bullets, Ballots and Class Conflicts in the American West, 2018
(JOUR) The Long Deep Grudge: A Story of Big Capital, Radical Labor and Class War in the American Heartland, 2020
(JOUR) The Supreme Court of the United States and Anarcharsis’ Theory of the Law: A Review Article, 2020
(JOUR) The Two-Hundred-Million Pound Strike : The 2003 British Airways Walkout, 2021
(JOUR) Touched with Fire: Morris B. Abram and the Battle against Racial and Religious Discrimination, 2020
(JOUR) Trajectories of Neoliberal Transformation: European Industrial Relations since the 1970s, 2018
(JOUR) Unions and Workplace Reorganization, 1998
(JOUR) Woman Enough: How a Boy became a Woman and Changed the World of Sport, 2019
(JOUR) Work in Tumultuous Times: Critical Perspectives, 2007