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Slagflower: Poems Unearthed from a Mining Town

Document type Book
Author Leduc, Thomas
Publisher Latitude 46; Sudbury, Ont.
Date 2019
ISBN 978-1-988989-10-5
Pages 106 pages


Debut collection of poetry from Thomas Leduc, City of Greater Sudbury's past Poet Laureate and the fourth generation of a mining family. Stagflower captures a city struggling to grow beyond its past and become more than just a mining town, while reflecting the internal human conflict to be more than family history, more than a past. --Publisher's description. "At one time, this city / had a single plan / for every young man; / a straight, well-worn path / from their front doors / to an open rock face / at the end of a mine shaft. / A path chiselled out of stone, / a path paved in nickel. / Every young man / wanted his millwright ticket, / studied the ticking of gears, / the composition of rock; / had the culture of mining / drilled into him. / Plans were passed down / from lunch pail / to lunch pail. / Fathers and sons dug the same holes / fought the same fights. / How many boys / has this rock hardened / into men." -- Chiselled Out of Stone, poem by Thomas Leduc.