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Updated: 2022-05-16

Hidden actors, muted voices: the employment of rural women in Saskatchewan forestry and agri-food industries = Muettes et invisibles : les femmes des régions rurales dans l'industrie forestière et l'agroalimentaire en Saskatchewan

Document type Report
Author Mills, Suzanne E.
Author Brueckner, Ingrid
Author Martz, Diane J. F.
Author Reed, Maureen Gail
Date 2006
Pages 135 pages


In April 2003, funding by Status of Women Canada was provided to carry out a research project to understand the nature, extent and conditions of rural women’s employment in forestry and agri-food industries. While women have a long history of employment in these resource sectors, surprisingly, their employment contributions and experiences have not been publicly discussed. The goal of this research was to make visible the employment experiences of rural women in these industries, particularly as rural women have fewer job opportunities than women living in cities. We describe issues faced by women working in the forestry and agri-food industries and recommend policies to enhance women’s employment experiences.