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Updated: 2022-05-16

After Prison: Navigating Employment and Reintegration

Document type Book
Editor Ricciardelli, Rose
Editor Peters, Adrienne M.F.
Publisher Wilfrid Laurier University Press; Waterloo, Ont.
Date 2017
ISBN 978-1-77112-317-4
Pages vi, 280 pages: illustrations


[This book] opens with a former prisoner's story of reintegration employment experiences. Next, relying on a combination of research interviews, quantitative data, and literature, contributors present an international comparative review of Canada's evolving criminal record legislation; the promotive features of employment; the complex constraints and stigma former prisoners encounter as they seek employment; and the individual and societal benefits of assisting former prisoners attain "gainful" employment. A main theme throughout is the interrelationship between employment and other central conditions necessary for safety and sustenance. [The] book offers suggestions for criminal record policy amendments and new reintegration practices that would assist individuals in the search for employment. Using the evidence and research findings of practitioners and scholars in social work, criminology and law, psychology, and other related fields, the contributors concentrate on strategies that will reduce the stigma of having been in prison; foster supportive relationships between social and legal agencies and prisons and parole systems; and encourage individually tailored resources and training following release of individuals. --Publisher's description