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Updated: 2022-05-16

Equity, Diversity, and Canadian Labour

Document type Book
Editor Hunt, Gerald
Editor Rayside, David M.
Publisher University of Toronto Press; Toronto
Date 2007
ISBN 978-0-8020-8956-4
Pages xii, 285 pages


he Canadian labour movement has undergone several fundamental changes in response to demands for greater inclusion and representation by women, visible and sexual minorities, and people with disabilities. Equity, Diversity, and Canadian Labour explores the specific challenges put to outmoded conceptions of labour, charting the effort made towards establishing a more inclusive vision of labour in Canada. The study concludes that the Canadian labour movement has seen a fair amount of progress in this regard, though it still faces persistent impediments to equity and suffers from an uneven responsiveness within and across diversity issues. This collection of original essays brings together contributors from a variety of backgrounds womens studies, political science, sociology, industrial relations, and the labour movement itself. They provide detailed analyses of significant changes in union policies, practices, and cultures as viewed through different disciplinary lenses. With reference to gender, race, disability, and sexuality, the volume assesses the status of labour diversity in Canada and suggests what still needs to be done to advance the equity project. --Publisher's description.