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Updated: 2022-05-16

The Effectiveness of Bill 70 and Joint Health and Safety Committees in Reducing Injuries in the Workplace: The Case of Ontario

Document type Article
Author Walters, Vivienne
Author Lewchuk, Wayne
Author Robb, A. Leslie
Journal Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de Politiques
Volume 22
Date 1996
ISSN 0317-0861
Pages 225-243


The shift towards the internal responsibility system and the mandating of Joint Health and Safety Committees in the early 1980s represented a radical departure in terms of how health and safety were regulated in the workplace. This paper examines the effectiveness of this institutional change using firm level data provided by the Worker's Compensation Board on lost time accidents from 1976 to 1989. It finds that where management and labour had some sympathy for the co-management of health and safety through joint committees, the new system significantly reduced lost-time accident rates. At workplaces where either labour or management resisted the spread of co-management the mandating of committees appears to have little effect on lost-time accident rates.