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Document type Book chapter
Editor McIlroy, John
Author Palmer, Bryan D.
Editor Campbell, Alan
Editor Allen, Joan
Author Palmer, Bryan
Book None
Publisher Merlin Press; Pontypool, Wales
Date 2010
ISBN 978-0-85036-686-0 978-0-85036-687-7
Pages 195-230


A survey of the global trajectory of labour history. Specially commissioned essays by labour historians of international repute consider: early labour history traditions, new conceptions of class, gender, ethnicity, culture, community and power. Whether the 1960s can be regarded as turning point in labour history the general historiographical climate in the mid-twentieth century the institutional context (e.g. the evolution of labour history societies, historical associations and journals) links between labour history and the labour movement Many authors are connected with the British Society for the Study of Labour History; all are experts in the labour history of particular countries. They analyse key debates, question dominant paradigms, acknowledge minority critiques and consider future directions. --Publisher's description