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Updated: 2022-05-16

Women's History, Gender History and Debating Dichotomies

Document type Article
Author Kealey, Linda
Author Iacovetta, Franca
Journal Left History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Historical Inquiry and Debate
Volume 4
Date 1996
Pages 221-237


Joan Sangster's "Beyond Dichotomies" (left history, 3.1, Spring/Summer 1995) is a polemic on the relationship between women's history and gender history. As such, it tends to bring out issues and highlight debates but, at the same time, it sometimes inevitably simplifies and potentially misrepresents in order to address important points. As friends and colleagues, we would like to take issue with some of the assertions and suggestions made in Sangster's piece. We think it is important to debate these issues and we hope to make a contribution. Such issues are central in feminist historical debates internationally and, while individuals who write Canadian women's history and gender history have clearly borrowed from the intemational literature, there has been no sustained Canadian "debate," at least not in print. --Introduction