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Updated: 2022-05-16

The Canadian State and Native Migrant Labour in Southern Alberta's Sugar Beet Industry

Document type Thesis
Author Laliberte, Ronald F.
Degree M.A., Sociology
Publisher University of Saskatchewan; Saskatoon
Date 1994
Pages 171 pages


Recent studies of labour have clearly established that the capitalist state is very involved in the recruitment, relocation and retention of migrant labour forces. Most of the literature tends to analyze migrant labour within the broader social, political and economic context of expanding capitalism. Consequently, studies tend to focus on how the use of migrant labour is profitable to capitalism because it is cheap and easy to exploit. Such studies, however, neglect the ways in which the state actually intervenes in the labour market in order to facilitate the flow of migrant workers to places of employment. Therefore, this thesis explores the relationship between the migration of labour, the state and the reserve army of labour through an analysis of the Native migrant work force in the sugar beet industry in southern Alberta.