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Updated: 2022-05-16

European Journal of Industrial Relations

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The European Journal of Industrial Relations is the principal English-language forum for the analysis of developments in European industrial relations and their theoretical and practical implications. It is particularly oriented to cross-national comparative research. It embraces a broad definition of industrial relations and encourages contributions which relate to any aspect of work and employment. It publishes rigorous and innovative work on and from all European countries, from the Atlantic to the Urals. All social science disciplines are relevant to its remit, and interdisciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged. A major objective is to foster cross-national comparative analysis; and in this context, work which relates European developments to broader global experience is welcome. While contributors to the Journal are expected to demonstrate theoretical or empirical originality – and preferably both – they should also make their work accessible to those practically engaged in industrial relations, and where possible show the practical significance of their analysis. As a means of strengthening the integration of theory and practice, the Journal welcomes reflective contributions from practitioners. It also recognizes that industrial relations is a subject of contention and controversy, and aims to provide an arena for that debate.