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Updated: 2022-05-16

The compliance model of employment standards enforcement: an evidence-based assessment of its efficacy in instances of wage theft: The compliance model of ES enforcement

Document type Article
Author Vosko, Leah F.
Author Grundy, John
Author Tucker, Eric
Author Noack, Andrea M.
Author Gellatly, Mary
Author Thomas, Mark P.
Author Casey, Rebecca
Author Mussell, Jennifer
Journal Industrial Relations Journal
Volume 48
Date 2017
ISSN 0019-8692
Pages 256-273


This article critically assesses the compliance model of employment standards enforcement through a study of monetary employment standards violations in Ontario, Canada. The findings suggest that, in contexts where changes to the organisation of work deepen insecurity for employees, models of enforcement that emphasise compliance over deterrence are unlikely to effectively prevent or remedy employment standards violations.