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Updated: 2022-05-16

The role of management and trade union leadership on dual commitment: The mediating effect of the workplace relations climate

Document type Article
Author Hennebert, Marc-Antonin
Author Doucet, Olivier
Author Fortin-Bergeron, Chloe
Journal Human Resource Management Journal
Volume 28
Date 2018 07
ISSN 0954-5395
Pages 462-478


This article examines the effect of transformational and laisser‐faire leadership on the part of local union leaders and immediate supervisors on the dual commitment of unionised workers. Building on the social information processing perspective, it is suggested that these leadership styles are linked to commitment through the workplace relations climate (WRC). Based on a sample of 834 unionised workers, our results suggest that WRC represents an important mechanism explaining the effect of the immediate supervisor's leadership in unionised settings. Results also show that transformational leadership on the part of union representatives is positively linked to union and organisational commitment. This article contributes to the WRC and dual commitment literatures by going beyond structural and institutional explanations and considering relational and actor‐related variables, such as leadership styles.