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Updated: 2022-05-16

Hospital-based nursing and the labour process, Ontario, 1850-1922

Document type Thesis
Author Teichroew, Les I.
Degree M.A., Sociology
Publisher Carleton University; Ottawa, Ont.
Date 1988
Pages 195 pages


This thesis examines the historical development of hospital-based nursing and its labour process in Ontario between 1850 and 1922. By building upon feminist critiques of Marxist theory, the thesis seeks to apply class and gender as empirically significant concepts. The analysis proceeds at two levels of abstraction. First, it locates the emergence of nursing vis-a-vis the growth of hospital-based care, both of which were influenced by broader changes in society, the economy and family. Secondly, it links changes in the content and control over nurses' work to those broader social changes, and more specifically to the struggles between physicians, hospital administrators, and nursing superintendents at the level of the workplace, namely the hospital.