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Updated: 2022-05-16

Working Lives: Essays in Canadian Working Class History

Document type Book
Author Heron, Craig
Publisher University of Toronto Press; Toronto
Date 2018
ISBN 978-1-4875-2251-3 978-1-4875-1753-3 978-1-4875-1754-0 978-1-4875-0325-3
Pages xxiv, 616 pages: illustrations


Craig Heron is one of Canada's leading labour historians. Drawing together fifteen of Heron's new and previously published essays on working-class life in Canada, Working Lives covers a wide range of issues, including politics, culture, gender, wage-earning, and union organization. A timely contribution to the evolving field of labour studies in Canada, this cohesive collection of essays analyzes the daily experiences of people working across Canada over more than two hundred years. Honest in its depictions of the historical complexities of daily life, Working Lives raises issues in the writing of Canadian working-class history, especially "working-class realism" and how it is eventually inscribed into Canada's public history. Thoughtfully reflecting on the ways in which workers interact with the past, Heron discusses the important role historians and museums play in remembering the adversity and milestones experienced by Canada's working class. -- Publisher's description