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Updated: 2022-05-16

Professional Immigrant Women: Access and Integration of Labour [Editorial]

Document type Article
Author Houle, France
Journal Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Volume 24
Date 2012-04-20
ISSN 1911-0235
Pages ix-xv


Equality of position, equality of opportunity, and equality of values—these are the themes in this special issue on skilled women immigrants. From the outset, let us specify some terminology. The word skilled is part of the administrative language used in immigration law. It applies to people who possess a post-secondary diploma and who are selected to immigrate permanently to Canada. This term is the opposite of the expression unskilled, which is used to designate those people who come to settle temporarily in Canada for work. These people are labelled as such when they do not have a post-secondary diploma or any diploma at all.