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Updated: 2022-05-16

The Value of "Experience" and the Labour Market Entry of New Immigrants to Canada

Document type Article
Author Hall, Peter V.
Author Sadouzai, Tulin
Journal Canadian Public Policy
Volume 36
Date 2010-07-24
ISSN 1911-9917
Pages 181-198


We use data from three waves of the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada to compare how pre-immigration experience in hi-tech and regulated occupations affects employment outcomes. While differences do decline over time, those with experience in an unregulated hi-tech occupation are more likely to be employed sooner in a matching and/or full time job. Immigrants with hi-tech occupational experience are more likely to have their foreign experience accepted, possibly due to the transferability of these skills and the absence of institutional barriers. These findings indicate important sectoral, regulatory, and institutional differences in the treatment of pre-immigration experience, with policy implications.