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Updated: 2022-05-16

The Gendered Labour of Loving What You Do

Document type Article
Author McGregor, Hannah
Journal ESC: English Studies in Canada
Volume 43
Date 2017-12-01
ISSN 1913-4835
Pages 17-20


In April of 2016, UPEI professor Ron Srigley published a short article in The Walrus magazine bemoaning the current state of the university classroom, a place, he claims, where “academic content” has given way to entertainment under the guise of “student-centred learning activities” (his scare quotes). On the rise of student experience offices he is quizzical, pondering to himself what kind of experience these offices are hoping to create before offering an answer: “Fundamentally, one in which students are made to feel happy, empowered, valued, and the centre of their own learning experience. The student services department itself will guide students to this beatific end and shield them from cantankerous faculty (like me) who insist on raining on the parade by actually attempting to teach them something” (Srigley).