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Updated: 2022-05-16

Immigration in Quebec: Labour Market Integration and Contribution to Economic Growth

Document type Article
Author Boudarbat, Brahim
Author Grenier, Gilles
Journal Canadian Ethnic Studies
Volume 49
Date 2017-10-07
ISSN 1913-8253
Pages 13-32


This article provides an overview of some key issues related to immigration in Quebec. Quebec stands out from the rest of Canada in terms of the origin of its immigrants, who come mainly from francophone countries. Quebec immigrants are relatively better educated than those elsewhere in Canada, but have higher unemployment rates. Our overview of the research examining the impact of immigration on the economy found that immigration has a relatively small impact. Given the above, we suggest that immigration in Quebec should be maintained at current levels–at least in the short term–but that selection and integration policies should be improved by, among other things, putting more emphasis on the needs of employers. In addition, candidates with Canadian or Quebec experience should be favoured. Finally, the impact of these policies will be limited without more openness to immigrants on the part of employers.