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Updated: 2022-05-16

Inclusive workplaces: A review and model

Document type Article
Author Cleveland, Jeanette N.
Author Sanchez, Diana
Author Shore, Lynn M.
Journal Human Resource Management Review
Volume 28
Date 2018 06
ISSN 1053-4822
Pages 176-189


Organizations continue to be challenged and enriched by the diversity of their workforces. Scholars are increasingly focusing on inclusion to enhance work environments by offering support for a diverse workforce. This article reviews and synthesizes the inclusion literature and provides a model of inclusion that integrates existing literature to offer greater clarity, as well as suggestions for moving the literature forward. We review the inclusion literature consisting of the various foci (work group, organization, leader, organizational practices, and climate) and associated definitions and how it has developed. We then describe themes in the inclusion literature and propose a model of inclusion. Finally, we end by discussing theoretical and practical implications.