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Reforming the Structure of Collective Bargaining: Lessons from the Construction Industry Prospects for Reform of Industrial Relations in the Ontario Broader Public Sector: Papers from the Workshop on the Drummond Report Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace, Queen's University, June 22, 2012

Document type Article
Author Rose, Joseph B.
Journal Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal
Volume 17
Date 2013
Pages 403-412


One of the reforms proposed for Ontario's broader public sector by the Drummond Report is the establishment of centralized bar- gaining structures. As Chaykowski and Hickey have argued, such a reform "must consider whether, how, and in what context, alterna- tive bargaining structures and enhanced coordination could yield outcomes which promote efficiencies and improve value."' In this regard, the transformation of bargaining structures in the Canadian construction industry offers some lessons on structural realignment.