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Updated: 2022-05-16

Sex and Salaries at a Canadian University: The Song Remains the Same or the Times They Are a Changin'?

Document type Article
Author Brown, Laura K.
Author Troutt, Elizabeth
Journal Canadian Public Policy
Volume 43
Date 2017 September
ISSN 0317-0861, 1911-9917
Pages 246-260


We examine whether a sex-based salary gap identified at the University of Manitoba in 1993 and 2003 persists in 2013. We apply decomposition techniques to analyze the factors contributing to the salary gap in each year and to its changes across the two decades. We find that a smaller but substantial 12 percent gap persists in 2013. In contrast to previous years, the 2013 gap is completely explained by sex differences in faculty, experience, and, more important, type of appointment and rank. The distribution of values of these control variables changed considerably between the earlier years and 2013 in ways that influenced the gap.